Thursday, May 21, 2020

Creative Grids Log Cabin Rulers part 2

Happy Thursday, did you have a good long weekend? Our family bought some shrubs and annuals from Coaldale Nurseries and planted them on Saturday, and than one of my dogs promptly dug up the planter the next day! So I may have to get a few more annuals when this rain stops to fill that one back in, and hopefully by than the others ones haven't floated away. We sure are thankful our Relaunch Event was last weekend and not this one, we wouldn't have been hanging quilts outside this week. 
We are again open for walk in business and we only ask that you don't come if you are sick, hand sanitize when you come in, and if there is six people in the shop you will have to wait until someone leaves before you come in.

Today on Facebook we did a video on some more of the Creative Grids Log Cabin Rulers. Esther started off by giving some history on the Log Cabin blocks, and how in the beginning they always had a red center which stood for the heart of the home, and than one side was light logs to represent the happy and prosperous years, and the other side was dark to represent the hard, sadder years of life. 
Than we focused on the 12" ruler, which also has the markings on it to make 6" blocks. Esther mentioned that it is a great ruler if you are on a budget and can't decide between a large or a small, however it is a larger ruler to maneuver when making the smaller 6" blocks. 
I will do a post sometime in the next few weeks with more details on which ruler to use when, and how sometimes bigger is not necessarily bigger.
The 12" works the same as the 8" that we showed a couple weeks back, just with a larger center square and wider strips. The 12" size is perfect for jelly rolls as the strips need to be cut at least 2.25" so there is very little extra waste using a 2.5" strip. 
One block can be cut from 56" of a dark 2.25" and 45" of a light strip. Obviously fabric is not this wide so you would need 1.5 strips for every dark and just over 1 for every white, and you want several prints in each block, but it helps for calculating how much you need. 
For example a lap quilt sized at 60"x84" would be a total of 48 blocks, 8 rows of 6. 
Each block takes 1.5 strips of a dark: 48x1.5 equals 72 -- 2.5" strips if it were me I would 
have a couple extra on hand just in case I mess up a cut and for a little more variety, I wouldn't want the same prints beside each other.You would also need the light fabric and you would need at least 54 strips I would probably go with about 60 or 70. 
Here is a little cutting chart from the ruler, this is the insert that comes with the Ruler itself and it is also downloadable from the Creative Grids Website, each Creative Grids Specialty Ruler comes with one of these little instruction pamphlets. 
 In her 12" block Esther is not doing it the usual color way with darks on one side and lights on the other, she is putting all the colors everywhere and I think it looks really neat.
Next week we are going to be talking about the Curvy Log Cabin Rulers. They again work in the same way but half the strips are narrow and the other half wide, and when sewn together results in a quarter circle effect, four blocks put together would make a circle in the center. 
This pattern is one that we can order for the Curvy Log Cabin Creative Grids Rulers. 

As the finished blocks are the same size, you would need the same length of strips, just cut at a different width. Here is a link to the  Creative Grids Website, if you interested it will tell you what size of strips and squares to cut for each block. 
You can purchase the rulers from our site here, or drop into see us. 
I hope you are enjoying our little sew along videos and that you are learning something new. 
Have a great weekend.

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