Monday, May 11, 2020

Relaunch, Reopen Event

It is another new week, a week that I w as supposed to be spending in Pittsburg. Esther, Carrie and I were set to be flying out to International Spring Quilt Market tomorrow, but that was all cancelled. Instead with the Government's announcement of Phase 1 of the Relaunch we will be doing a little event at the shop on Thursday and Friday instead. 
On Thursday and Friday this week the shop will be open by scheduled time slots. We opened them for booking on Saturday afternoon and all  the spaces for Thursday are now filled, there is still a couple open on Friday. The time slots are each 45 minutes long. You can sign up here for the event 

There is some fun things planned for this Relaunch Event. 
For everyone that booked a slot we have a free little gift for you. 
The shop will be 20% off for shopping with bag hardware, interfacing, elastic and already discounted fabrics excluded. 
If you make a purchase of $50 or more you will get a Swag Bag full of goodies from us and a few of our distributors. 
A Schoolhouse Presentation, and a Quilt show, more details below.

One of our favorite things to do at Quilt Market is attend Schoolhouse which are little lectures or presentations designed to teach us about a newly releasing product. 
We have decided to do a little Schoolhouse Series during our Relaunch Event, to give you a taste of what it is all about. 
We will give short presentations on a variety of subjects that we get the most questions about as shop owners. The timing of each is designed to be right before or right after the scheduled shopping times, that way you can come early and stay after your shopping appointment to listen to our presentations. These are not mandatory at all, and will be short, probably about 10 minutes each. They will take place outside, on the Eastside of our building. 

The schedule is as follows:
Thursday May 14
10:15am Panels and Precuts
11:15am Marking Tools
12:15pm Which Ruler When
1:15pm Batting and Beyond
2:15pm Why Buy a Pattern
3:15pm Pins and Needles
4:15pm Cutting Smart

Friday May 15
10:15am Which Ruler When
11:15am Batting and Beyond
12:15pm Panels and Precuts
1:15pm Why Buy A Pattern
2:15pm Marking Tools
3:15pm Cutting Smart
4:15pm Pins and Needles

We also have an outdoor Quilt Show planned. All of us have been doing a lot of time sewing in this shut down so we have lots of new quilts to display. 

After the event we will be closed Saturday-Monday for the long Weekend, and will reopen on Tuesday. This will be walk in as it was before the closures happened, with just a few more safety protocols in place.

Safety Protocols

We will be following Government Directives,
if dates change or we are told to again close doors to public access
we will comply immediately.

For those that come to shop we will be using the East door as our entrance.
We will be starting with allowing 7 customers plus staff in the shop,
so there may be the need to wait outside for a few minutes.
Sanitizing Station will be set up either right outside the door or right inside,
depending on the weather.

Please use the sanitizer available before fully entering the shop.
When inside, or standing in line outside please follow the 2 meter apart rule.
Inside the shop we ask that only one person at a time be in the
pattern or bag hardware sections as these spaces are a little more confined.
For the rest of the shop stay behind the marked lines at the counter and till.
Also please avoid leaning on the counters.

Do not come to our shop is you are experiencing any of the following:
cough, fever (over 38°C), shortness of breath, runny nose or sore throat.

For those that do not feel comfortable entering the shop
we will still offer curbside pickup.
The new pickup location will be on the Northside (main street)
Have a great week everyone, and I am so excited to start seeing your faces rather than just your cars. I am off to finish a few more quilts before Thursday rolls around. 


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