Thursday, January 9, 2020

Moda Blockheads Round 3

There is a new Moda Quilt Along starting next week Wednesday. Moda Blockheads is gearing up for its third round. I did not follow along for the 1st round but did for the 2nd and it was so much fun. To be honest I haven't actually finished my Blockheads 2 quilt, I have the majority of it assembled but have to make 2 more blocks, maybe I need to finish it up before Wednesday. 
Anyways, this time around there are 14 Moda Designers that will be contributing patterns. 
Each Wednesday 1 new block will be released, although sometimes there may be 2 patterns. The patterns will be posted to the designers blog and  the Moda Cutting Table Blog.
Fabric requirements have not been posted yet but, there will be some options posted soon I'm sure. This quilt along is a great way to use up some of your scraps, or it can be fun to get a new fat quarter bundle and use it for this sew along.
There is no need to officially sign up anywhere for the quilt along, the patterns are free to download from the designers. There is a Facebook Group called Moda Blockheads that you can join if you wish to see others progress and share your own. 

If you do wish to join here are a couple tips to help you keep on track. 
Print out each pattern as they are released and store it in a binder, I like to put mine in page protectors in a 1" Binder that I label on the side to keep them all together and in order. 
Make the block as soon as you can so it is done. When you do make the block, make a checkmark on your pattern so you know which ones are finished just in case you miss a couple now and then.
If you do fall behind, set aside a day to catch up, and either work from the oldest to the most recent or the other way around.
Store the fabrics you are using in a tote that you can grab quickly each week, this will make it easier to take out make the block and put it back aside. Also store all your finished blocks together so they don't get misplaced during the quilt along.
Will you be joining in for the Moda Blockheads 3?
Before I wrote this post I wasn't planning on it, but after writing I probably will, and seeing as how I will be working tomorrow, it is the perfect chance to scout out a new Fat 1/4 Bundle to use.

Have a great weekend, I am hoping my new dishwasher is ready to pick up and my hubby can install it for me, I spent the majority of 2019 washing dishes by hand so I am very much looking forward to this. 

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