Thursday, January 16, 2020

New Fabric

So a couple weeks ago I mentioned that we were starting our year with over 20 boxes of new fabric. That Fabric is now out on the floor and I will share some photos of it with you today.
First up we have some new Art Gallery Collections.
I am loving this one called Pine Lullaby it has just a little color in the prints that you can definitely bring out stronger with solids, or make a super soft looking quilt with just the original prints. It also comes with a couple panels, one that can be cut up and made into quilt blocks, and another that is large panel with two bears hugging under the moon.
Meriweather is a collection that has me dreaming of spring. The vibrant pinks and greens mixed with some whimsical prints is just so bright and happy.
Maara is so eclectic feeling, it is such a crazy mix of prints with elephants, zebra heads, cameras, luggage all in fun colors! A couple of us at the shop are so in love with it and give a little squeal whenever we walk by it and pet our favorite ones.
Carrie is going crazy over Enchanted Voyage by Maureen Cracknell, it has soft blues, oranges and pinks and fun prints with whales, sea horses, message bottles and sail boats.
There are couple more Art Gallery Collections but you will have to check out our website or come in store to see them.
From Moda we also have several new collections. For those looking for a good blender we have the full collection of Thatched by Robin Pickens in store.
Also by Robin Pickens is Painted Meadow, this collection is so vibrant and is another one that has me just dreaming of springtime, especially with the brutally cold weather we have been having!

We also have Stiletto By Basic Grey in the store. This one is a neutral collection again with the black, greys, whites and the
addition of a great caramel color!

Deb Strain has 2 new collections in the shop. The first is Explore, perfect for those outdoorsy people.

The second is Llama Love which I am head over heels for. It is pink and aqua with Llama prints and hearts and some cacti thrown in!

We had a great meeting with Rob on Tuesday and ordered a lot of new fabric that will be arriving in the summer.

Come visit us in the shop to see more of what is new, and I will

share some pictures soon of what we are making with all these new fabrics.
Have a great weekend, mine will consist of putting a new couch in our living room and building a book case. My husband did get the dishwasher set up, and I am so thankful for it!

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