Thursday, July 16, 2020

Favorite Products: July

Happy Thursday everyone. I have been listening to some quilting podcasts lately while I sew, and one of my favorite things is when the hosts talk about their favorite new and old products or books or fabric collections, so I thought that I would do the same thing here on the blog. Once a month (hopefully) I will share some of our current favorite products. Some of them may be brand new tools that we are loving, some may be older ones that hold a special place in our heart.
So when I asked Carrie she said her favorite product right now is the Diagonal Seam Tape from Cluck Cluck Sew. She loves it because she is currently teaching Shay how to sew, and the lines on the tape are so much easier to follow than any lines on the sewing machine.
I have to agree with that use, I do the same thing for my boys.
If you are not familiar with the Diagonal Seam Tape it is an adhesive tape that you place on your sewing machine, There is one line that lines up with your needle, and one line on each side at 1/4". It's intended use is for those stitch and flip corners, you can avoid drawing the line and instead line up your corner under your needle and than have the corner diagonal to it work up to the needle following the red line. It works especially well for smaller corners. And it is a great time saver.
The adhesive is sticky enough to stick for a long time, but pulls off easily without leaving behind any sticky residue. I have had a strip on my machine for about a month now and it is just starting to lift at one of the corners. And as mentioned above it is great to use as a seam guide when piecing too.
We have this product available in the shop and you can purchase it on our website here.

My current favorite product is the Folded Corner Clipper from Creative Grids. I am working on a project that has close to 50 stitch and flip pieces per block. The Folded Corner Clipper also eliminates the need to draw lines when making these blocks, just line up the ruler on your square and cut, it will leave you with a nice 1/4" seam allowance to stitch, and than you are able to go and press right away without any extra trimming. With 3 different points used for lining up the ruler on your fabric it is very accurate, and I love being able to stack several blocks and cut them all at once, than take them to my machine to sew.
It works for squares from 1" up to 5", though I don't often use for the ones smaller than 2" (I prefer the diagonal seam tape for those little ones).  This ruler is also available to purchase in the shop and on our website by clicking here.

Do you own either of these products, or are they on your wishlist?
Have a great weekend,

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