Monday, July 6, 2020

Precuts Explained

Hello again. Welcome to another new week. 
Last week Esther started a video series on Facebook about Panels and Precuts. 
The main things we spoke of last week were the various types of precuts and how they are priced. 
Moda was the first company to come out with precuts and they also have the trademark on the names that we normally use. 
The Charm Pack was the first one released. It came out as a Promotional Product. It was sent to quilt shops as a little taste of what was coming soon. The Charm Pack contains 42 -- 5" squares. One from each fabric in the designer collection, and than of prints to reach 42 if needed. 1 Charm Pack makes a nice table runner, or a small baby quilt. May also be called a 5" stacker.
The Jelly Roll is a super common precut, it contains 42 -- strips that are 2.5" wide and about 42 inches long (the full width of the fabric). One Jelly Roll makes a nice lap size quilt. Again it has one from each print in the collection and than doubles to get to the full 42. May alsobe called a 2.5" rollup.
A Layer Cake contains the same amount of fabric as a Jelly Roll, but is made up of 10" squares instead. Again there are 42 in each package. It too will make a nice lap size quilt. The Layer Cake is one of my favorite Precuts. The squares are big enough to see the bigger prints in the collection (sometimes in a jelly roll you miss this) and there is enough in the package to make a nice sized project. May also be called a 10" stacker.
Mini Charm Packs are so cute, they are 2.5" squares. I like to use these for wall hangings or table runners.
Fat Quarters are very popular. They are half meters of fabric cut in half parallel to the selvage. Now the US measures in yards, 1 yard is 36" so a half yard is 18" and the resulting fat quarter will be 18" wide and roughly 21" long. If you buy from our shop we measure in meters, and use 40" as 1 meter (not the usual 39") a half meter would be 20", ans so a fat quarter from our shop is 20" wide and roughly 21" long. 
Fat Quarters are bundled as 1 fabric from each collection, or are curated to contain a certain number of different prints. There is no doubling to reach 42, if the collection contains 25 prints that is how many will be in the bundle. Or you may buy a bundle of 10 Fat Quarters that we specifically chose prints for. 
6 fat quarters will give you a big baby quilt, while 30 will give you a queen quilt if you add a couple borders. They can also be purchased as singles. 
Those are the most common precuts. 
Honeybuns are just like the Jelly Rolls but use 1.5" strips instead. These kind of disappeared for awhile but they are making a comeback again!
One very common misconception about precuts is that they are expensive. In reality at our shop (I cannot speak for others) you will pay the same amount for a precut as you will for the equal amount of yardage. For example a Jelly Roll and a Layer Cake contain 2.7 meters of fabric total. Calculate that at $19.50 per meter which is what our Moda Fabrics are currently priced at and you get $52.65, our Jelly Rolls are mostly priced at $52.50.
For a fat quarter you are paying for .25 meters of fabric at the price on the top of the bolt. However many fat quarters are in the bundle will affect the total price. So if buying a single it will be between $4.50 and $5 depending on the price per meter of the fabric. A bundle of 25 would cost just over $120. 
At Chicken Feed we love precuts, they are a great way to get a little piece of each fabric in a full collection without breaking the bank. There are also so many different patterns written specifically with precuts in mind. Just pick you favorite, add some borders and sashing if you wish and you have a project ready to go. 
Tomorow in the video Esther will be talking more about our favorite patterns that are precut friendly. Tune in to our Facebook Page at 10:30am for that. I will do ablog post in the near future on that. And also one on Panels and patterns for them too. 

There will be no blog post this Thursday, as our little family is taking a break from work and spending some time together. 

Have a great week, 
Please Note in the picture above all those Precuts are from my personal stash, and several of them are quite old, so they are no longer available in the shop, they are just ones that I have never been able to break open and actually use. 

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