Thursday, July 30, 2020

Woodland Wonderland: Month 2

Since August is just a couple days away, I thought I would share the Woodland Wonderland Blocks for August today. 
If you chose to have you blocks picked up at the shop they will be available on Saturday, if you chose shipping, they will ship out on Tuesday, as Monday is a holiday. 
This month we are making the Weathervane block and the Woodland Leaves and the instructions can be found starting on page 13 of your booklet. We have 5 new green prints and a red print to play with for these blocks. 
First up is the Weathervane Block. We just need to make one and it isn't too hard. 
For the Green I used the one with the snowflake print on it, and for the red I used the new one that came in the package this month. 
Rather than cutting a square and than 2 strips from the green fabric, I just cut one strip that was 4.5" wide, cut the 3.5" square off one end and than cut the strips as suggested. 
Also before cutting any of the triangles in half, I stacked a green and a background square right sides together than cut and went straight to my sewing machine to sew them. I find it easier to align a full square than a triangle, so it worked really well for me. I used my 4-in-1 Half Square Triangle Ruler from Creative Grids to trim them to the correct size. 
For Step 2 I laid out the red prints so that I could have the diagonal print all going in the same direction, and then did the stitch and flip accordingly. I used my Folded Corner Clipper from Creative Grids to do the corners, and it worked really well. 
After making these units the block is quick to assemble. 
The Woodland Leaves are not hard but we have to make quite a few. 
I used the four remaining green prints for my leaves. And rather than subcut the strips, I stacked two full length strips right sides together, sewed them together, pressed them and than cut, and I did that for all the strips, making sure I had a couple different combinations. Than I added the corners as shown again using the Folded Corner Clipper. 
Be sure to make half your blocks facing left and half facing right. 
Have fun making your blocks!

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