Thursday, March 16, 2017

Double Gauze

Double Gauze has become quite popular in our store but we still often get questions about what it is and how to use it. Simply put double gauze is two layers of gauze tacked together. Two layers of a soft, loose weave fabric tacked together resulting in a fabric that is not so transparent.
The most common use is for swaddling and receiving blankets for babies, it's light, and breathable, which is perfect for summer. These blankets can be done in a single layer with a quick hem, or two layers with a simple blanket stitch. I have also used cuddle as a backing for the double gauze and bound around the edge for a quick gift for a friend.  
Baby blankets are not the only option though. I have seen people make sleep sacs out of double gauze because if it's airiness. 

It also makes great infinity scarves, and other clothing as well, think about how soft these would be as pajama pants or shorts for the summer. 
If you like to add some texture to a quilt some double gauze is a great addition. 
This past week we received 5 new bolts of double gauze from Shannon Fabrics. The prints are so fun, I love the pandas and the deer! We are getting quite the variety of double gauze in our store, come and check them out for yourself!