Monday, September 28, 2020

Designer Spotlight: Corey Yoder

This evening I want to share with you a little background information on a very popular designer in our shop... Corey Yoder. 

Corey is married and together they have two girls and live in Ohio. Though she has Amish family members in both her family and her husband's family she is not Amish. 

Even though she grew up around sewing and quilting she did not begin sewing until after she was married. 

She began buying fabric before she started sewing, when she did start sewing it was children's clothing. When her second daughter was born she moved her focus more into quilting. Her business name is Coriander Quilts and is a play on Corey and her quilts. 

Corey Yoder has been a fabric designer for Moda Fabrics since 2014 and has had 11 collections printed and 1 that is showing to shops right now and will ship early next year. Aside from fabrics she also designs patterns under Coriander Quilts as well. 

We have ordered many of her collections into our shop. Ash and Apricot is the latest collection in our shop, Holliberry a Christmas line was released early this summer.


Canning Day from this past spring and Sugar Creek from last fall are also still available on our shop floor. We also have a few pieces left of LuLu Lane, Flower Mill, and Sunnyside Up left in our storage room if you are looking for an older print to finish off a project. 

Spring Brook releases early next year and we have that collection on order as well. Her collections are all designed around the same soft color palette and though they vary quite a bit with each collection with different prints and a different focus color group all her collections do blend nicely together and work great for "scrap" quilts if you don't particularly like doing scrappy quilts or are scared to venture into that domain.

Corey is super active on Instagram with posts nearly everyday that give you glimpse into her family life, what she is working on, her new fabric collections and patterns and a Sunday Slowdown post every Sunday that makes you stop and think. Follow her @corianderquilts She is also on Facebook under the same name. 

Esther and I met her at Quilt Market a couple years back and she is so sweet, friendly and easy to chat with. 

Esther just finished up a Vintage Fall Quilt using blues, oranges, and greens from several different collections from Corey and we have kits available for it, you can also see how nicely the collections all play together. 

I made this Fresh as A Daisy Quilt (pattern by Pen and Paper) using just two sets of colors from Canning Day. 

This is Esther's Woodland Friends Quilt made with Apricot and Ash, fabric and pattern are both by Coriander Quilts

Have you sewn with fabrics from Corey?

Thursday, September 24, 2020

New Fabric Collections

 Happy Thursday, here in Coaldale it is crazy windy today, our basketball net fell down and broke in three places, and the slide blew off our play set today! I have been hiding in the house catching up on housework and doing some quilting. 

It has been awhile again since I have shared new fabric collections so I am going to do that today. 

From Art Gallery the newest collections in our shop are Terra Kotta, Flowerette, Day Trip and Hooked. 

Terra Kotta is exactly the colors that come to mind when you think of terra cotta pots. Lots of shades of oranges from white with an orange print, to peachy orange, mustard yellow, rusty red orange and everywhere in between. Here is a link to the lookbook if you need some inspiration on what to make. 

Flowerette is a collection made up of some great florals. I am planning to make this Petal Sparks Quilt with it. There is a lookbook here with some really fun ideas in it if you want to take a peek. 
Day Trip is such a fun collection made up of fun prints and a unique color combination. That taco print is just so cute, and those goats are really fun!


Hooked is the latest collection from Mister Domestic and arrived today so I do not have photos of it yet to share here. But here is the link to the lookbook and you can check out the fabrics as well as get some project ideas. 

Our newest collections from Moda include Apricot and Ash by Corey Yoder and Fairy Dust by V and Co. 
Apricot and Ash has been very popular and we have a couple kits made from it as well. And the Moda Box kit just arrived this week for it too. The Truck kit is made from a variety of Corey Yoder collections and the other two are made completely from Apricot and Ash. 
Fairy Dust by V and Co is an ombre collection with silver stars. The color and the stars are most concentrated at the selvedges and fade as you get to the center of the fabric. I made a quilt with it on Saturday during our Jelly Roll Sew Off and I love it, I ended up cutting the borders length of fabric so I have an Ombre Effect around the out edge of my quilt. 
As always there is more new fabric in the shop and more coming every week. Come in store to visit us or shop online from our website. 

Monday, September 21, 2020

Andrie Designs Bag Gift Event

 Happy Monday, I have mentioned the Andrie Designs Bag Gift Event on our Facebook Page but I thought I would go into a little more detail about it here this evening. 

Lisa of Andrie Designs has been wanting to do a bag swap event for sometime, however with Covid-19 the mail system has been struggling somewhat so she changed up the plans and came up with a similar but new idea. 

Instead she is planning the Bag Gift Event. It will give you warm fuzzies to give someone a bag you made and the person on the receiving end should also get some warm fuzzy feelings. Choosing someone local to you will avoid the need to use the mail. 

There are a couple dates and details to be aware of for the event and for the rest it is pretty simple. 

In order to be eligible for a chance to win prizes that are available you need to register for the event and be a member of the Andrie Designs Patterns Facebook Group. Both are free to join. 

Here is the registration link, and if you search the above name on Facebook it should pop right up for you. 

Registration is open until October 3.

After registering you need to choose your recipient. The person you choose to make the bag for can be anyone, friend, family, neighbor, coworker, it is totally up to you. You can even make bags for more than 1 person. 

There are 4 different patterns available to choose from to be eligible for prizes. They include the S & S Tore, Gemma Carryall Pouch, Polly Crossbody Pouch and the Stand Up and Notice Tote. We have all four patterns available in our shop if you need to purchase one. 


After you have chosen your recipient(s) and bag pattern(s) it is time to get sewing. Finish your bag and gift it to your chosen recipient. and take a video or photo of them receiving it. You need to upload this photo or video to the designated Facebook Album in the Andrie Designs Pattern Group by October 25th.

Voting for the winners begins on October 26 and ends on October 28th with the winners being announced on October 29. 

There are prizes for the best video, peoples choice, admins choice and most creative. The prizes are from over 30 different sponsors, and we are super excited to be one of them. 

Just a side note that this company is based out of Australia and all dates are Australian Eastern Standard Time, so to avoid missing out do not wait until the last minute, as they are 16 hours ahead of us here in Alberta. 

We are having a sew day in our shop this week Friday to work on your bags for the event if you wish to join us. It is $10 to sign up and sew for the day, but if you buy all your hardware and fabric from our shop we will credit the $10 sign up fee back to you. You can sign up for the sew day here

We hope you join in on this fun event! 


Thursday, September 17, 2020

MIdnight Clear BOM Block 3

 It is time for block 3 of the Midnight Clear BOM. These blocks were a lot of fun again. I realized as I was making these two blocks that I often change a pattern a fair amount to make it how I would like to do it. 

The Pieces

In this block we need to make Quarter Square Triangles, Flying Geese, and Four Patch blocks. 

For Quarter Square Triangles I do not like to cut my squares into triangles before sewing, so I cut 4.5" squares and marked the diagonal. I paired the white squares with green squares, and the rest of the green squares with the black squares. I then sewed on either side of my line, and cut on the marked line. Press these, and mark the diagonal of the green and white half square triangles. Pair a green and black with a green and white and sew on either side of the line. Cut these on the line. I used my 4-in-1 Half Square Triangle trim tool to square my blocks to 3in Finished. Then press.


For these Flying Geese I used my Ultimate Flying Geese Tool again. These flying geese finish at 1 1/2in by 3in, so I will need to cut these size squares. I cut two 4 3/4in squares of my black and eight 2 3/4in of my background for the flying geese. Then continued to make them the same way as I did the last time.

The Four Patch blocks I made as the pattern said. 

The Components. 

After this we get to piece our blocks.

Monday, September 14, 2020

Favorite Products: September

 It is time again to share some of our favorite products that we have been using lately. 

This past month Esther has been loving her Folded Corner Clipper Ruler from Creative Grids and her wool pressing mat. Her last two quilt projects both had a ton of Flip and Stitch Corners, and the Folded Corner Clipper was a great time saver as it eliminated the need to draw lines on the back side of 100s of squares, and the Wool Pressing Mat helped to get all those seams laying nice and flat.


I have been working on a few projects that contain a lot of small pieces that are similar in size to each other and the Alphabitties and WonderClips have been a great help in staying organized. Even if your pattern does not have letters assigned to each cut you can pencil them in beside and it will save time measuring each piece while sewing to be sure you have the correct one. 

Carrie is really liking a new to our shop pattern designer... Lo and Behold Stitchery. Brittany  has many fun modern quilt patterns that you can put together with different fabrics and get a completely different look each time. Also the cover photos of her patterns are all done in solids so it makes them easy to replicate if you love the look, and easier to picture in your mind in different fabrics. We have many of her patterns in stock in our shop and there are also free coloring pages on her website for several of her patterns, which helps with color layout and putting the quilt top together. Brittany is also vary active on Instagram so visit her account @loandbeholdstitchery for some inspiration. 


Carrie is back again on Thursday with the next block in her Midnight Clear Block of The Month.
Have a great week,

Thursday, September 10, 2020

Project Jelly Roll 2020: Project Inspiration and a Sew Off

Sew a Jelly Roll Day is just over a week away, Saturday September 19.
Starting today, when you buy a Jelly Roll at our shop you will be given a free pattern, there are four to choose from. 
Esther, Carrie and I all started a new Jelly Roll Project this past weekend to provide some inspiration for you. 
Esther made this Jelly Roll Rug using Cider from Basic Grey. We have just a few of these Jelly Rolls in stock, and the yardage will be shipping later this fall.
Carrie is working on a Jelly Weave Quilt (pattern by Cluck Cluck Sew and available in our shop) using a really fun new Christmas collection Jolly Season by Abi Hall. 
I made this quilt using Branded by Sweetwater, the pattern is called I-strip by GE Designs, and it came together really quick, as in I took the jelly Roll home Friday afternoon, and brought a completely finished quilt with me back to the shop Tuesday Morning.
These 3 patterns are all great uses for Jelly Rolls, we also love the Jelly Filled book by Vanessa Goertzen, it has 18 patterns ranging from beginner to more advanced all written specifically for Jelly Rolls. What are your favorite Jelly Roll Patterns?
These are the limited edition Grunge Jr Jelly Rolls available for Project Jelly Roll this year, use them on their own, mix them up, or use with a collection of fabrics.
We have early released Jelly Rolls from Balboa, Cider, Folktale, Figs and Shirtings in stock, the yardage from these collections will all be available in our shop later this fall. We also have Jelly Rolls of several of Moda's current fabric collections in the shop just waiting to be purchased, unrolled and turned into something beautiful. 
This year Esther, Carrie and I will be doing a sew off. We will each choose a jelly roll and race to make a Short and Long quilt, this is one of the Free Patterns available for Project Jelly Roll this year. We will start at 10am with a live video on our Facebook Page introducing each of us and the jelly roll we chose, and then live checkins at 11am, noon, 1pm and 2pm to see our progress.  We would love for you to join us in this race from the comfort of our own home. You can post pictures of your progress in the comments section of the video or our final photo of the day if you wish. 

Have a great weekend,

Thursday, September 3, 2020

Midnight Clear Block of the Month: Block 2

It is time for block 2 of the Midnight Clear Block of the Month. I had so much fun with these blocks the other night. I find it fun to put away all my other projects and take out one, that may not be so difficult, but is a bit time consuming, and just make 2 blocks. 

Our block pattern for this week is on page 66 and 67 of our book.

I followed the color placement exactly how it was in the book once again. I like how the colors are in the pattern, and the effect it gives the block. 
When I make flying geese I prefer not to use the flip and stitch method, so I used my favourite method for flying geese, the "Heart Method." I used my Ultimate Flying Geese from Creative Grids to make this process easier. All Creative Grids trim tools are marked in Finished Sizes, so I could look at my ruler and see that I needed to cut the requirements for C since we need 1.5" by 3" finished Flying Geese. Mark down the diagonal of all your red squares, and place two across the diagonal of a white square. Stitch 1/4" on each side of this line. Since these are trim tools, the 1/4" doesn't have to be exact, just close. Cut them apart on the line that you drew, and press towards the red squares. Place another red square on top of our unit, and sew on either side of the line again, cut on the line, and press towards the red square again. I needed to pull my trim tool out now, and find the Trim 1, line C. I trimmed the two sides, then you flip your section and your ruler to find Trim 2, line C and trim the 2 sides again. One of my favourite parts about this trim tool is that there is a line showing me where my quarter inch seam will be so I do not lose the points of my geese. 
The images below go in the same order as I wrote above. 
Next we have to assemble our corner unit, if you follow the pattern, and pay attention to the pressing direction these units go together real simply and nicely. 

To make the square in a square block I used my Folded Corner Clipper again. 

Next we get to assemble our blocks. I love how these blocks come together, and how depending on which color you focus on you get a different look to the block. 

My Block 2's

Our blocks so far
Have fun with these blocks. I will be back on September 17 with Block 3.