Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Back to School Sewing

If you are like Esther you love it when the kids are off of school in the summer, and dread it when they go back in the fall. I remember growing up that we postponed school shopping as long as possible, trying to soak up every bit of summer holidays that we could. Now with one of my own kids in school, I am feeling the same way.
However walking through any of the stores around it is a hard point to ignore. Everywhere you look there are school supplies, dorm room furnishings, and fall clothes popping up. 
So with all this back to school talk, is there any thing that you sew for your kids or yourself?
As I went over the list of school supplies, I highlighted a few things that I will be making for my son.
First up a pencil case. At our school we are required to have zipper pencil cases, as this prevents any accidents on the way to the art room. If you search pencil case on Pinterest there are so many fun ones that pop up, from a simple pouch, to elaborate cases with multiple pockets, and elastic holders for each individual pencil. The pattern options are incredible, and add fabric choice into that and the possibilties are endless!
Another supply on this years list that I will be making is a gym bag. And I have decided on this sports fabric for it. I will do a simple drawstring bag, at his age he doesn't need anything fancy but this way it will be unique and Marshall will not forget which one is his. 

Esther already made a luxie lunch bag out of Transformers fabric and offered it my son so in that department he is all set.

While my son is still to young for binders I don't need to worry about those, but binder and notebook covers are fun to make, and a good way to personalize your things. I may need to put a bug in Carrie's ear that they would be a fun to sew.
Maybe someone in your house is off to college or university this year and is staying in a dorm, what better way to send them off with than a new quilt! There is still time to finish one up for them.I will share some quick and easy quilt patterns on Friday.

If you are a teacher, a new quilt would be perfect for that quiet corner, or maybe you need some bulletin board or wall displays, a themed wall hanging could be just the thing.


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