Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Be My Neighbor: Block 1

SFirst off thank you to everyone that came out to our big sale this weekend! we had a lot of fun and it was great to see so many of you all in the space of a few days.
SToday is the start of our first ever Quilt Along. I am super excited to see how this goes and to see everyone’s blocks as we all work on the same quilt together! 
Esther and I are working a week ahead in order to share our blocks with you and any useful tips or tricks that we discovered during our making of the block. After each making our first block from Art Gallery Fabric we both just had to make a second. Esther is going to do a second quilt out of her Kansas Trouble Fabrics and there is quite a contrast between the two of hers! Both look so good. My collection of Sheri and Chelsi fabrics has beeen steadily growing and so I have decided to use some of it to make my second quilt. I will be using fabric from Creekside, Desert Bloom and Front Porch.
Remember your blocks can be as scrappy or as coordinated as you like. We did our trees all in one print but you can do each aegment a different color if you like, same goes for the frame, roof and chimney of your house. The pattern has a picture of where each cut piece goes so it is easy to see what pieces go where in the block and choose your fabrics accordingly. 
Esther noticed that she needed to use a scant quarter inch seam for the block to ensure it all fit well. I normally sew with a very scant seam and so I actually had to make my seam allowance a little larger than normal. If your are unsure if your 1/4" seam measures scant or not I suggest making the Chimney section first, it should measure 12.5" when the 5 sections are sewn together, you can adjust your seam allowance if needed.
I love my Frixion pens and my Creatuve Grids Ruler to Mark my sewing lines for the angles. Esther prefers the Sewline pencils. Both work great. As for trimming these angles after sewing the Creative Grids Rulers come equipped with a 1/4” dotted line, if you line this up on your seen line and trim you will have a perfect 1/4” seam allowance that is neat and tidy. 
Because it is going to be some time before these blocks are sewn together and put into a quilt Esther recommends spraying your finished block with some starch or sizing spray to keep it from stretching while you sew the others. 
I cannot wait to see all your blocks. I have created a Gallery page on the websites I share our progress and if you would like me to put your blocks up just email me a picture at kayla@chickenfeedquilts.com. These pictures can be anonymous if you don’t want your name listed. We also have a Facebook group that you can post your pictures to. The link is on our Facebook page. Use the tag @chickenfeedquilts on Instagram. Esther has decided that after the last block has been completed we will have a time period in which you can finish your quilts and than we would love to have the quilts hang at the store or have pictures of them and have a people’s choice vote. The grand prize will be a $100 gift card to Chicken Feed Quilts. There will be more prizes throughout the Quilt Along so get out your fabrics and join in on the fun!
To find this week's block click on this link.

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