Friday, December 7, 2018

Gypsy Wife: Fabric Requirements

The Gypsy Wife Quilt Along will begin on January 8. This is only a month away, so tonight I will share the fabric requirements with you as well as my fabric pull, a coloring page, and some inspiration.
If you do not have your pattern yet, you can get one at our shop, you will need it to sew along. It is called The Gypsy Wife, and is written by Jen Kingwell.
For fabric the blocks require 2 meters total of assorted fabrics. These fabrics should vary in color and pattern, and you will be able to use smaller pieces from your scraps. We also need full wof strips for the vertical ribbons that make up the background of the quilt, the pattern states that we need 60 strips.
I will be using Sherri and Chelsi Fabrics, they design for Moda, and I absolutely love their fabrics. I will be using their last 4 collections, and adding in the newest one, Walkabout, when it arrives in our shop.
Here is a link to a coloring page if you would like to plan your quilt out a little bit. If you are nervous about choosing colors, or are not sure where to start, follow this link to watch Jen Kingwell in action as she starts a fabric pull and shares her process for how to choose colors. 
I find that looking at what others have done for their Gypsy Quilt as helped me come up with a plan for my quilt. I have created a Gypsy Wife Board on our Pinterest Page, and have posted pictures of different ways that people have sewn up the quilt. There are some that use a wide variety of shades of just a few colors, and some that use every color of the rainbow, some planned the ribbon strips out and went light to dark across the quilt or made a pattern using 2 colors. The quilts done in pastels look vastly different than those done in the rich emerald tones. Looking through these may help you come up with a place to start, start with what appeals to you and work from there.
As with the Be My Neighbor QAL, I have also made a Facebook Group for those sewing along. Here we can share pictures of our progress, and encourage each other on this adventure. Click here to join the group. 
As we go through the blocks I will share different tools and tricks that I found helpful in my construction. 
I am so excited to start on this quilt, it's been on my Bucket List for some time now, and I am glad to have you join me on this Quilt Along.

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