Monday, April 12, 2021

The Bonnie and Camille Quilt Bee: Month 3

 Welcome to the 3rd month of our quilt along. This month we are making another 3 blocks, and all of them are fairly quick and straightforward to make. 

We are going to making Checkerboard on page 90, Cheerful on page 92 and Criss Cross on page 94. 

For Checkerboard you need 11 different fabrics, but just a small piece of each. 

Once I had my pieces cut I laid them out beside my machine exactly how it would look when it was finished. Then I sewed the first two blocks in each row together, rather than cutting threads I chain stitched them. Next I added the third block in each row, I kept my threads between rows intact, that way I always knew which row was which. I did this until all the rows were assembled. Than I pressed each row in an alternate direction, still keeping the threads between the rows together. When I did the final assembly it went really smoothly and because the rows were pressed in different directions the seams nested neatly. 

Cheerful. I used 2 different prints and some background fabric. 

 For this block I used my Ultimate Flying Geese Ruler from Creative Grids. I used the heart method for this which requires 1 large square and four small squares to make 4 flying geese at a time.  I needed to cut one large square of each the dark prints and 8 total small squares of the white. I drew a line on the diagonal of all8 white squares, put two on the large print squares and sewed 1/4" on each side of the line. Cut them apart on the drawn line, pressed, than added the final square, sewed, cut and pressed again. Once all 8 geese were trimmed using the Flying Geese Ruler I assembled the block as shown on page 93. 

Criss Cross, for this block I used 6 different prints and some background fabric. 

This block I did exactly as shown in the book. It is made up of 5 four patch blocks and 4 fillers to make one large 9 patch. Laying the pieces out on my table helped to keep each piece in the correct place.

I am having so much fun making these blocks each month, and they look so fun all together! I am using Figs and Shirtings by Fig Tree for my blocks. How are your blocks coming along? 

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