Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Be My Neighbor: Block 3

SIt is week 3 of our Be My Neighbor Quilt Along. I am having so much fun making these blocks, it’s so nice to set aside all my other projects and pull this one out and work on just one block and than put it away again without it feeling like an unfinished project, in fact I feel accomplished each time another block is finished on time. I hope all of you managed to finish your Block 2’s, the ones I have seen are looking great. 
SThis block has just a little bit of appliqué. I used to shy away from any project that had the dreaded “a” word but not anymore. I still don’t love it and I am not very good at it all but they say practice makes perfect and so I shall keep on doing it. 
In the pattern the images are not reversed, which means if you were to trace the picture they give you right on to your fusible web or steam a seam and than iron that on to your fabric your bird would be facing the wrong way. What I did was trace the bird pieces onto a piece of paper, flipped this over and traced the upside down images onto my trans web. When I cut these out and ironed them onto the wrong side of the fabric my bird came out the correct way.
On my Art Gallery Block instead of the bird the pattern provides, I fussy cut one from one of the prints in my Color Master Boxes. I have enough left to use on the remaining blocks that have birds on them. 
To do the appliqué I did a simple zigzag on all the raw edges. 
If you would like you could do turned edge appliqué but I cannot give you any advice on this as I have never done it. 
Also there is a few more birds in the rest of the quilt, so to keep all my appliqué the same I wrote down my zigzag length and width in my pattern book, this way I won’t have to remember what size I did or test my stitches to get them the same. 
As it turns out the base of an Aurifil Spool is 1.25” so I traced that for the hole on my birdhouse instead of the circle they gave.
Here is the link to the pattern. I hope you enjoy making this block. 
This week at the store the GO dies are on for a buy more save more deal in addition to a free gift with your GO purchase. If you have been waiting to purchase a couple dies now is your chance. Esther also decided to add machines to the sale, so all three sizes the GO Baby, the GO and the Electric GO are all 15% off through Saturday. If you have any questions about them or would like a demonstration on how they work come in store. 
This week is another session of Grid Girls so check back Friday to see what we are working on this month, and due to appointments and school schedules I will be working for a little while tomorrow and a couple of hours on Friday so I will get some pictures of new fabric that has come in store and share them on the blog as well. 

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