Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Be My Neighbor: Block 4

SSWe have reached the first quarter mark in the in the Be My Neighbor Quilt Along. I found House 4 a little less finicky than the last block but we are introduced to a new technique again. Both Esther and I chose to make the quarter square triangles (QST) differently than how the pattern instructs. We used the same method but trimmed our final blocks with different rulers. 
Both of us cut two 5.5” squares of each color that was in our QST and placed them right sides together, marked a line down the diagonal and sewed a quarter inch on each side. We than cut on our marked line, and pressed to one side just like a half square triangle. Than we placed our two Half square triangle units right sides together again this time with opposite colours touching Seach other and nesting the seams in the center. We than again marked the diagonal (this time across the previous stitch line), sewed a quarter inch in each side and cut them apart on the marked line again. I pressed my seams open here for a little less bulk, Esther pressed to one side again. 
Esther used her 4-in-1 half square triangle ruler from Creative Grids to trim her blocks and we did a short video of this which you can view on our Facebook Page.
I used the 4.5” Square Ruler also by Creative Grids to trim my blocks. I laid the the diagonal line on the ruler on one seam and used the halfway markings on the ruler to make sure I was square all the way around and than trimmed them quick using my rotating mat. 
I am currently working on two quilts that combine to have 192 QST units and 192 3patch QSTs that finish at 4” which is the same as the ones in this block so I have gotten lot of practice in the last couple weeks. 
One other thing I did while making my blocks was to pin the squares for the house roof in place while sewing them. With them being so large I was scared they would shift while I was stitching, so I just put one pin in the center to hold it, this also made it easy to make the trimmed portion into a half square triangle without any re positioning. 
Wanderlust was delivered this week, and I know it is super popular with all of us that work in the store so if you want some you better come in store quick. This line  has small prints in amazing citrus colours inspired by Indian Clothing. I love the neutrals they are perfect for scrappier backgrounds. 
I have a little more baby sewing to finish off this week before Friday's post so that's what I hope to spend tomorrow doing.

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