Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Gypsy Wife: Section 3

Welcome to Section 3. The last section was quite labor intensive, but I hope it didn't scare you away. The finished blocks that were posted to our Facebook Group look great. I was also encouraged to see that those of you who weren't happy with a block were willing to put in the extra effort to try it again. This quilt is definitely a skill builder, and some blocks may test those seam allowances and pressing. If it makes you feel any better I have had to redo a couple blocks as well. I wasn't happy with my points on one, and I cut the borders the wrong size on another and didn't notice till after it was all pressed and trimmed.
Section 3 has a total of 4 blocks, 1 main and 3 fillers. You can see them all pictured together on page 27.
The main block is the very first one in the book, Color Wheel on page 5.
The 3 filler blocks are a bordered square on square, a square in a square with courthouse steps and a square in a square in a square block.

Color Wheel: If you kept the extra 3" triangles from last week, you could use them in this block, you will just need to cut an additional square from the original fabric to match. I chose to use new colors and added the extra triangles to my bag from last week.  Be sure to  stitch down the short side of the small triangles, I speak from experience here as I had to pick apart all four because I was not paying attention. Also be sure to layout your block before adding your large triangle to the two small ones. This block is very dependent on color layout and you want your fabrics in the correct places. It can help to take a picture once you have it laid out so you remember how the triangles fit on each block.

Bordered Square on Square: As in the last two sections we need to make another one of these blocks. We are going to make the 3" finished block from page 22, and add borders to bring it up to 5", the border measurements are listed at the top of the 2nd column on page 23.

Square in Square With Courthouse Steps: This block had me second guessing myself last night, because it came out about 2 inches to short, I was searching the internet to see if their was a pattern error, and measuring all my pieces to see if I cut something wrong. But nope, it turns out the instructions for this block start on page 23 but continue on to page 24, so now that you know that too it should be no issue for you. Just be sure to add your borders to your first square, than triangles than another border.

Square in a Square in a Square: This is last block in the book and the last one in this section. I chose to use my 8" Square in a Square Creative Grids Ruler for this one. I cut my Center, A1 and A2 squares according to the size listed on the ruler, and didn't worry about the B squares as they were not needed. If not using the ruler make another 3" square in a square block from page 22 and add the second set of triangles as listed on the bottom of the second column on page 24.

Section 4, which will be posted on February 19, is only two blocks, so if you are falling behind, have just joined or are waiting for your pattern yet, you should be able to get caught up again for Section 5.


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