Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Gypsy Wife: Section 4

To close out February we will be working on Section 4. If you have fallen behind this is a great time to catch up, Section 4 is made up of only two blocks, so hopefully by March 5th you can be all caught up and ready to go on Section 5 which is a little larger again.
Section 4 is pictured on page 27 of your booklet, and the two blocks we are making comsist of one main and one filler block, they are the Half Square Triangle Block and a Courthouse Step Block, both rather straightforward.

Half Square Triangle Block pg 16
Courthouse Step Block pg 20

Half Square Triangles Block. I have made several quilt with the fabric collections that I am using and every time I have to do stitch and flip corners, or flying geese, I stitch the scraps into half square triangles(HSTs). I used some of those premade HSTs to make this block and so it went together really quickly. I do suggest cutting the squares at the full inch rather than the 7/8 measurement and that will give you a little extra trimming room for nice finished HSTs. Also if you like you could leave the squares whole rather than cutting them in half and make two at a time by drawing a diagonal line and stitching on each side of it. You could also make 32 HSTs total and use 16 for this block and 16 for the additional block that we need to make in Section 5.

Courthouse Step Block. We are making the block in the first column of page 20 which finishes at 8". Because I have a large majority of the Creative Grids Rulers and really like them, I chose to use my 8" Log Cabin Ruler for this block. It gave me a nice precise block, so if you have it feel free to break it out for this one. Whether you use the ruler or not, be sure to press carefully and not distort those seams.

That is it for this Section. Make sure you take a picture and post it to the group when you have finished. I can't wait to see them.


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