Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Gypsy Wife: Section 5

This week we are working on Section 5. It is a good sized section consisting of 7 blocks. We will be making two main blocks and 5 filler blocks.
The whole section is pictured on page 27.
The Main blocks are:
 Crazy Anne page 10
 Half Square Triangle Block page 16

The Filler Blocks are:
Pinwheel Block page 19
3 Simple Square in a square blocks from page 22
Square in a square with courthouse steps page 24

Crazy Anne is a fun block using a block that some know as a Cat's Cradle and half rectangle blocks. If you wish to paper piece this block click here for a template.
For piecing I cut M, N, O, and P as well as U, V, W and X an 1/8" of an inch larger than suggested, the rest I cut the same as the pattern, than trimmed the block using my 4.5" ruler.
When cutting Z and AA on the diagonal be sure to cut them all on the same diagonal and all right sides up or your triangles will not fit together properly.

The Half Square Triangle Block is done the same as the one in Section 4. I played around with layouts before making a final decision on this block.

Pinwheel Block: We are making the 4" pinwheel and than adding the border as per instructions in the first column on page 19. I over sized my squares in order to trim, and used 8 squares for a scrappier look, though I stuck two colors.

Simple Square in a Square: we need to make one 3" finished and two 4" finished for this section. We have made several of these already so you should be getting good at them now. If yours are still coming out a bit wonky try starching your fabrics before sewing them, this will help decrease stretching.

Square in a Square with Courthouse Steps: there are instructions for two 7" finished blocks on page 24, and we need to make the first one for this section. I cut as per instructions and did not oversize this time.

As this section marks the half way point in our sections it would be great to have everyone all caught up. As some added incentive everyone who has a picture posted of all 5 sections will be entered into a draw to win a $35 gift card to Chicken Feed Quilts. It can be 5 pictures, one of each section individually, or 1 picture with all 5 sections showing, I just need to see that you have them all done. I will do the draw on March 19, which is also the day I will post the first half of the Section 6 blocks.

We will be doing Section 6 in two parts as it is made up of 21 blocks!

I can't wait to see all your pictures so make sure you post them to our Facebook Group.


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