Friday, March 1, 2019

Quilting Bucket Lists

At the beginning of the year I challenged myself to step out of my box to learn new techniques. I love learning and I love quilting so I made myself a "Bucket List" of techniques that I want to learn how to do. Some of the techniques I have already started on and others are still on my to-do list. I also have a few patterns that I really want to do but are a matter of setting aside the time to do it.
I always shy away from Applique. It can add such a detailed touch to a project and yet if I see applique in a pattern I will often drop it like a hot potato and choose something else. I have done some raw edge applique in the past but have never done any turned-edge applique. So it is on my list of things to learn. Last week I found a project with it and told myself that I was going to do it. I have watched a few tutorials on it now, mostly by Lori Holt and am hoping to start it in the next couple weeks.
Paper Piecing, both Foundation and English, were also on my list of things to do. I had started the Elephant Abstractions quilt by Violet Craft several years ago, but it got pushed to the side when other projects came along. I pulled it out last month and completed it, so I can cross it off the Works In Progress List as well as the bucket list. The only problem is that I loved doing it and now I have more FPP projects that I want to do.
I started an EPP project when I was on vacation in Mexico this past Christmas, and am loving it, I am doing the Lion by Violet Craft which I am finding more fun than the Hexagons which I started 3 years ago. It is such a nice thing to work on in the evenings, I am finished the face and just need to complete the mane and background now, but since I am currently caught up on hand binding I will be able to work on it again.
I have always bound all my quilts by hand, but I wanted to learn machine binding as well and added that to my list. I have done about 6 quilts now, and I have improved though it is far from perfect yet.
Also on my Bucket list is to learn how to Hand Quilt. I love the look of it, but have never tried it. Hopefully I will be brave enough to attempt it at some point this year.
I have wanted to do the Gypsy Wife quilt for some time, and so I am really enjoying the Quilt Along, because I am actually getting the blocks done, and I am so excited for it to be finished.
We received Lori Holt's Vintage Christmas book a couple weeks ago and it has been added to my list of quilts to make one day! I adore the quilt.
I also have the Moda Dessert Sampler on my list. It is a kit that we got in this past fall and I would really like to get it done, but it looks like it may be a time consuming project.
I also have a Bargello and a 3D Illusion Quilt on my list for when time is no longer an issue, ha ha.

It can be easy to stay in a self made quilters box, using the same techniques and colors, but it can be a lot of fun to break down those walls and try new things. A great way to step out is to sign up for a class, and learn from someone who is confident in doing the technique, while spending time with other quilters eager to learn just as you are.
Do you have a bucket list of quilts you want to make or new techniques to learn? I would love to hear what they are so leave a comment below.

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