Friday, September 13, 2019

Fat Quarter Friday

We are starting up Fat Quarter Fridays again. We did this a couple years ago in the shop as a summer event and it was a big hit.
The last Friday of each month we will have a large basket of individual fat quarters for you to peruse. Each one in the basket will be $2.50, or you can buy 12 for $25.00. Fat quarters regular price are between $4 and $5 so this is a good bargain. We normally will cut fat quarters from yardage for you, but on Fat Quarter Fridays the sale will only apply to those fat quarters that are in the basket. 
For those of you who are unsure, a fat quarter is a piece of fabric that measures 20" x 20" (sometimes it might be more like 21" or 22" but width of fabric varies so I always just count on 20") It is a half meter of yardage that is cut in half in the middle parallel to the selvage. It is equal to a 1/4 of a meter of fabric but because you have a 20" square to work with rather than a long strip 10" wide it is sometimes more useful.
There are many, many patterns for quilting that call for fat quarters, actually as I think through the pattern designers that we carry in our shop, the majority of them have at least one pattern that is fat quarter friendly if not more. The patterns range from easy, beginner friendly to difficult and advanced. Some are big easy blocks and others are full of tiny intricate pieces. For patterns that have little waste 6-8 fat quarters generally gets you a big baby quilt while around 12 makes a nice throw size, for a queen figure on about 30-40.  Of course the more you cut the fabric up the more is going to be lost in seam allowances, so if a quilt has a lot of little pieces you will need more than a fabric that is all big blocks.
Fat quarters are also good for making small pouches, zip bags, baskets, stuffed toys and more.
And if all else fails, you can cut your fat quarters into other common precut sizes. I have a few bundles that I have cut into 10" squares, 5" squares and 2.5" strips.
Our next Fat Quarter Friday will be Friday, September 27. We will have some patterns out for inspiration as well on this date as well.
I recently made a queen size quilt for my bed using 36 fat quarters, the pattern is called Turning Twenty Again and the fabric I used is Pollinator. What is your favorite use for fat quarters?

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