Friday, September 6, 2019

New Samples

How has your week been? Mine was really good, my two oldest are back at school and we are figuring out our new routines and schedules nicely. My 4 year old is a little lost without his older brothers so I spent some time hanging out with him having scooter races, nerf gun wars, and working with him in an activity book and on his Little Passports Subscription box that I got for him. I also have been getting a lot of quilting done these past few weeks, as have Carrie and Esther. 
As some of you may know I have promised to have a Christmas Bed Quilt done for each of my 4 boys by November. I finished up this one last weekend for Tucker, and he agreed that it could hang in the store until Marshall's Birthday which is November 1. I will be making kits for it on Tuesday. It is a fabric line called Snowy Wishes, and I based the pattern on a free download from Benartex but made some changes to make it work for this fabric. 
Marshall's quilt is halfway done, and the ones for Chandler and Easton are still just a thought in my mind, but I still have almost 2 months to get them done. 
I made this quilt using Grid from Art Gallery this past spring but finally got it bound this week. The pattern is called Turning Twenty and goes together really quickly. 

I absolutely love this baby quilt using a collection called Rocky Raccoon by Stof and it two was a really quick sew, just two evenings for me. I made kits for it today, and there are 3 border options all three are the same print just different color, blue (like mine), grey or green.
I also got the top finished for this camping quilt, but I am waiting for some red 90" cuddle to arrive before quilting it. I showed it to my husband when it was done, and he said that is really cool but aren't you a couple weeks late? I told him I was just early for next year, and now I wouldn't have to rush to get it done for our next trip in July ;).  Kits are available with either a blue or a grey border. 

Esther and Carrie have both made a number of quilts using the digital panels by Hoffman. The detail and color on these panels is incredible and we have so many to choose from in our shop. We have nearly all of the Call of The  Wild panels, and a wide variety of the other ones that they have printed as well. 
Esther get her Cougar quilt bound, and it is stunning, this is a Call of The Wild print. We did have kits but they are sold out, however we are looking into kitting it again. 
Her One Block Wonder quilt using a digital panel called Wanderlust is all finished up as well. There is a class on this in October, with options to attend for a full day or two evenings. This quilt is made with 7 repeats of the same panel and I love how intricate it looks, even though is it not difficult to make. 
She also made this fall themed quilt (not a digital panel) but still very pretty, and kits are available so you can make it as well. 
I have one more of Esther's quilts to share, this one uses the fabric line Catch and Release from Art Gallery and the pattern is called Making Waves. With some simple strip piecing this quilt goes together quickly, and is a lot easier then it looks. Kits are available for this one as well. I love the photo she took of it, it makes me want to pick up the quilt, snuggle up in that red chair with a cup of hot coffee and watch the sunrise. And it would be easy for me to do as this is right in her backyard. 

Carrie made a quilt using the Globe Hopper panel and some ombre batiks. The pattern is called Reflections, and I think that it came together beautifully, it is currently hanging in a spot that you see it when you walk in the front door and it has definitely been an eye catcher. 
She also made a quilt using the collection Grid, she made it for a friend so it isn't hanging in the store, but it is too pretty not too share. She is planning on making kits, but she got her wisdom teeth pulled yesterday so she is out of the shop for a few days.
 One last quilt to share, this one is by Tammy, it is called Rock Candy and is made with a wide color range of Batiks. Isn't it fantastic?

There are even more quilts in store and loads of new fabrics as well.
Shop Hop is just a few weeks ago, and there is one week left to sign up so be sure to do so. If you can't make it in just give the shop a call during business hours, and we can set aside a passport with your name on it, than just make us your first stop so you can get your passport and continue on to the rest of the shops.

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