Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Follow Your Heart: Tennessee Two Tone

Welcome to another week of the Follow Your Heart Quilt Along. This week we are making Tennessee Two Tone, and the directions are found on page 17 and18.
For this block it is essential that you choose two colors that have a lot of contrast. A good way to be sure if there is contrast is to take a photo of your fabrics, than look a the photo in black and white, this will show you whether or not the fabrics have a good contrast.
In the cutting the pattern again calls for you to cut a strip of fabric and than use the Easy Angle Ruler to cut triangles. Instead of doing this I cut 4" squares to make the Half Square Triangles.
To do this you still need to cut the 3 1/2" squares the pattern calls for, and in addition to that cut 3--4" squares of each print and 2--4" squares of your background.
Put 1 square of each print right sides together, draw a line on the diagonal and stitch a 1/4" on each side, cut apart, press and trim to 3 1/2" squares for a total of 4 Half Square Triangle Blocks as shown in the second column on page 18.
Repeat with each print combined with a background to make 2 of each color combination as shown again in the 2nd column on page 18.
If you wish to use one color for you background, rather than cutting the 3 different lengths as listed, just cut 2 strips 20 1/2" long.
When putting it together be sure to lay out all the pieces to double check that you have all the half square triangles facing the right direction to get the arrow effect.
Carrie did the mixed backgrounds and it looks really cool! 
 I can't wait to see your blocks for this week!
Do you have any special plans for New Years Eve?
Our family was going to attend a worship service at our Church this evening, and than watch a movie together. However I have a sick husband and 3 sick kids, so our plans have changed somewhat. We will probably still watch a movie, but the boys will be going to bed a lot earlier than we initially planned.
Happy New Year to you, thank you for following along with my blog this past year, and for supporting Chicken Feed Quilts. I have loved quilting along with you on our various projects, and sharing all the newest fabrics with you. I look forward to another year and have a few new things planned as well!

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