Monday, March 8, 2021

The Bonnie and Camille Quilt Bee: Month 2

 Good Evening! Thank you to everyone that emailed me pictures of their fabric pulls and month 1 blocks for this Quilt Along. It is great to have so many people joining me in making this quilt. 

This month we need to make a total of 4 blocks, however, only 3 different ones, as the last block we are going to make 2 instead of 1. 

The first block is the Bloom Block on page 84. This is a nice large block, and with a bunch of flip and stitch corners. The block itself is fairly straightforward to assemble, just watch where D and F are placed on each piece, and be sure to place them in the right corners on I, J and K. 

If you are struggling to have your flip and stitch corners come out the right size it may help to move your needle over one tick and stitch right on the outside of your drawn line rather than directly on top of the line. 

Next we move onto the Butterfly Block on page 87. I found this block pretty quick to make. The cutting is simple, and you can chain piece the components. I pressed my seams on the flip and stitch corners to the background fabric rather than open, and to the "stem of the butterfly" also instead of open. 

The Celebrate Block on page 88 is the final block for this month and we need to make 2. 
I did my hourglass units a little different than the pattern. I try to avoid working with triangles if I can, and I was able to quite easily with this block. 
For A, E and F  I cut my squares at 3 1/2 for a little extra trimming room. 
I than made Half Square Triangles in the following combinations AE, AE, AF and AF. 
To do this I followed the steps for the BD units. 
Rather than trim the units down I took my Half Square Triangles and took the AE and AF units for one block and put them right sides together, making sure the the seams nested in the center and the prints were right sides together with the background fabric. Than I drew a line corner to corner going across my seam line and again sewed on each side of the line. 
When I cut it apart I ended up with the correct Hour Glass units. I pressed them and than trimmed to the correct size using my 4 in 1 Half Square Triangle Ruler. 

Hopefully the photos help explain what I did. (In my block I used Black in place of Navy and Yellow in place of Green)

To assemble follow the photos in the book, watching the orientation of the hourglass units and half square triangles. 
And don't forget that you need to make 2 of these blocks. 

Have fun sewing up this month's blocks and please share your photos with me I love to see them!

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