Tuesday, May 11, 2021

The Bonnie and Camille Quilt Bee: Month 4

 We are on Month 4 of our Bonnie and Camille Quilt Bee. I hope you are having fun making the blocks! Several of you have sent me pictures of your progress and I love seeing them so please keep sending them to me. There is also draw for a prize in a couple months for those that have been sewing along, so be sure to send me photos so I can add your names to that draw. 

I found this month's blocks to be quick and easy. We are making the Cross Stitch Block which can be found on page 96, and we have to make a total of 7 of them, and that is it for this month.

 I love how these blocks were constructed and than trimmed. So much easier than using triangles to make them sit on point! 

I went through my fabrics and chose several that I hadn't used much of yet for my 7 blocks. 

The cutting is quick and I followed the pattern for that. 

The construction is quick too. I chain pieced all my blocks to make it go even faster. 

For the trimming it is very helpful to have a 6 1/2" ruler for this block. 

It may seem odd but I trimmed my block with the wrong side facing up. Using an iron away pen I made marks where my two creases intersected and at the edge of the print and used those marks for trimming. I put the center of my ruler on the intersection dot and made sure the diagonal line matched up with the creases running through my block and the markings on the edge of the print, after checking that I had a quarter inch seam allowance left around the 8 points of my print, I trimmed around all 4 sides of the block. 

I did it wrong side up so that if the marking lines didn't go away completely it wouldn't be a problem. 

I love these blocks and how they are made and I am thinking I may have to make enough blocks for a twin size quilt for one of my boys.

I probably say it every month, but I am having a lot of fun making these blocks, and it is really hard to stop working on it when I have completed the work for the month. 
Please send me an email with your progress or post a photo in the comments of my photo on our Facebook Page.  

Have a great week, 

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