Monday, December 13, 2021

The Bonnie and Camille Quilt Bee: Month 12

 Hello again, today I want to share some tips with you on finishing up your Bonnie and Camille Quilt Bee Quilt! I had so much fun making the extra filler blocks and putting it all together and I am in love with how my quilt turned out!

The finishing instructions begin on page 130. We need to make a couple filler blocks and than assemble our top in sections. 

The flying geese on page 130 I made as directed. Normally I use my Flying Geese Ruler from Creative Grids, but this time I just followed the pattern. You are going to use first 6 on page 130 and the next 7 will be used on page 132. 

When putting your Criss-Cross blocks together, you can widen or narrow your B filler piece to get it to right length if needed. And this goes for all the filler pieces in the quilt. If you need any of them to be bigger or smaller to get the sections to fit together properly just make them the size needed. 

On the bottom of page 131 you are instructed to make 6 more Geese. For this one I did use my Ultimate Flying Geese ruler and made 4 at a time, and just ended up with 2 extra geese. I prefer to make my Geese this way as I can trim them to the correct size. 

For the rest of the quilt the assembly is quite straight forward, especially if you work best off of pictures. If you work off of worded directions it may not be so easy, as there are not a of written instructions. There are pressing instructions displayed on each image, but I just pressed in the direction that my fabric seemed to want to go. 

When I assembled my quilt top I laid the whole thing out on the floor before sewing any blocks together. This was to see if I would like the color distribution through my quilt. I did end up swapping a couple blocks around to get a layout I was happy with. Don't be afraid to do this to your own. It is your quilt and nobody will know if you swapped locations of blocks. Make sure any blocks you do trade are the same size, otherwise it will get tricky for you. 

In my quilt I swapped the house and the bee, they are the same tall and in the same row so it worked well, if I hadn't I would have had a lot of orange and red in the lower middle section. I also trade some blocks on the right hand side of my quilt to spread out some more of the reds. 

I used a cotton print from the Figs and Shirtings Collection by Fig Tree for the backing of my quilt, which is the same collection that I used for the front. I quilted it with loops, a simple pattern that is not distracting from the blocks at all. I bound it with a light print from the collection. 

I am planning to hang this one in my sewing space. 

Thank you all for sewing along with me this past year. I have loved seeing your blocks and can not wait to see your finished tops and quilts. 

This is going to be the last blog post for awhile. I have not yet decided if I will post again in the future, but for now I would like to focus on some other avenues at the shop. Thank you for taking the time to read all my posts, I appreciate it so much. 


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