Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Be My Neighbor: Block 5

We are now on the second row of our quilt! I love Block 5. As a plus it is super quick to make, and it is fairly easy as well. Once again we have some standard piecing, the flip and stitch method to make the roof and the heart, and an appliqued bird. I think this house would make a super cute pillow as well!
SSThe only major thing in this house is to ensure that when you are sewing the heart portion of the block that you end up with mirror images, not two of the same. 
Esther recommends using best press or flatter, not only for this block but for all of them. With so many bias seams in each block the starch will keep them from them stretching. These blocks will all be sitting for several months while we finish up and the starch will also keep them flat and prevent any stretching that could happen as they relax. 
I had to use the seam ripper a few times last night while sewing up my blocks. Most of my mistakes were a result of making both blocks at the same time and putting block b's squares onto block a. 
Our first shipment of Art Gallery Blenders should be here this week, and we are so excited for them. If you have not yet sewn with fabrics from this company, I highly recommend them. The quality is amazing! Carrie has been hard at work changing up the displays in the store to make room not only for these new blenders but for all the new fabric that has been coming in over these past couple weeks. S
With this warm weather I am wanting quick projects that I can start and finish in a matter of days. Minis are the answer, and are a great way to try out new techniques and fabrics that are out of your comfort zone. I will do a post in a couple weeks on my favourites. And we will be making up some kits of each as well. 
Don't forget Mothers Day is this Sunday, we have lots of great gifts at the store, and gift cards are always a great option.
Next week Tuesday the 15th, from 10am-noon we will have a little open house at the store if you would like to come in and meet little Easton.

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