Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Staff Profile: Carrie

SThis weeks staff profile is all about Carrie. 
Carrie lives on a dairy farm just east of Coaldale and is the youngest of 6 kids. Carrie is currently in Grade 11 at Coaldale Christian School, and is very eager to graduate next year. Her current plans for after high school are to continue working at Chicken Feed Quilts and manage the up and coming online store. 
When Carrie is not working at the Quilt Store she can usually be found hanging out with her 4 nephews and 2 nieces. 
The rest of her spare time is filled with sports. Carrie plays a variety of sports, hockey takes up the winter, in the spring she plays on the school badminton team, she also plays Softball in a mixed league a couple times a week during the spring and summer. But her favourite of all is Water Skiing. She's out on the lake as soon as the ice is thawed and goes until it is too cold for wetsuits. During the winter she goes on holidays to Florida where she skis with the Canadian Water Ski Coach. S
Carrie started quilting several years ago, and primarily used the GO Accuquilt to cut out her quilts. This gave her accurate cuts with out the scare of losing any fingers. She has made many quilts and bags, some for herself, but lots for her friends. 
Last summer she made quite a few things for school, lunch kit, binder covers and pencil cases, she loves that her school supplies are unique to her and the exact colors and styles that she wanted.
Carrie has also been able to use her quilting knowledge for several school projects. She made a coat of arms for a social project and a quilt about her favourite things for a school fine arts show.
Her favourite fabric is Art Gallery. She loves to work in lines of fabric, but she is very good at pulling fabrics from throughout the store. 
This weekend is Quilt Market. We are not attending this quilt market due to the fact that I have a new born, and Esther's family is quite busy on the farm at this time of the year. But it sure is fun to follow along on Social Media, there are so many pictures posted and the sneak peeks of all the upcoming fabrics and projects are super inspiring. Will you be following along as well?

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