Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Be My Neighbor: Block 13

Today is a day that for a lot of us marks the end of summer and the beginning of a new season. I sent two of my boys off to school today, one to Grade two and the other to Kindergarten. My oldest tried to tell me that he wasn't excited but he came home full of stories, while the other was super thrilled that it was finally his turn to attend, though there were definitely some butterflies flying around in his stomach as we left home. For me it also marks going back to work twice a week which I am excited for, though I will be ending my days at the store a little earlier to make it work better with my kids schedule. 
Its also the start of a new season of clubs and classes for the store. These classes are all great for those just starting out but at the same time, experienced quilters are welcome as well. Getting out for the day or evening and working on a new project is always fun. So when you have finished reading this post head on over to the "Classes" tab and see what we have in the way of clubs and classes this fall.
As for the Be My Neighbor Quilt Along we have reached the final row of blocks. 
Esther and I will choose a date for the after party and publish it in the next Be My Neighbor Blog Post. We would love to see some finished quilts at this party so make sure you set some time aside to work on these blocks. 
I sewed up both my block 13's yesterday afternoon when our trip to the corn maze was postponed for nicer weather. 
This block has a lots of different things going on with the flower, leaves, bird and half square triangles. I have not figured out what those half squares are supposed to be, stairs maybe? 
With only 3 blocks left to go for me I am getting quite excited to see the blocks all together. I usually have a picture in my head and plan quilts out before I sew but I have been working block by block on this one and haven't looked at my previous blocks for color arrangement or anything. I will have to see if my quilts get put together in the suggested manner or if I end up switching blocks around. be my
Have you been working block to block or did you have a picture in your mind or from another source that you have been using as a guide? 

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