Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Christmas Part 1

I know many of you are probably reading the title and groaning, "Christmas already, fall just started!" I am cringing as well and yet I know that if I want to get any of my Christmas sewing done in time for it to decorate my home or give as gifts I need to start soon. 
I am going to do a 3 part series on Christmas, sewing for the home, projects to make for gifts, and fun quilting theme gifts for the quilter in your life.
There are so many beautiful Christmas fabrics available and yet the question always remains what can I sew, how many Christmas Quilts can one person have. 
Well aside from Quilts there is lots to sew, but I am going to start with quilts.
I have a Christmas quilt for my bed and  couple pillows to match. I have the fabric to make a wall hanging to match and hope to get that done this year. To some it may seem weird to have a Christmas Quilt on my bed, but I love it, and it is fun to switch up the bed quilt even if it is just for a month. 
SA throw quilt for the couch is just so cozy and who doesn't want a quilt to snuggle up with a cup of hot chocolate and a good book. We are working on some pretty fun samples and will be making kits for them. Esther was also able to get a few more White Christmas Kits so if you want one of these make sure you come in soon, they sold out really quick last time around.
I love doing runners for Christmas, and this will overlap into next week as they make great gifts. But I love doing them for myself as well. It is a great way to get some new fabric into my house as well as do some extra sewing. For myself I love doing patterns that take a of work or to try out a new technique, because in the end I only have to make a few blocks and I am not committing to a full quilt.  The one pictured is a runner I just finished that would look great in Christmas Fabric and is the perfect example of one that was a lot of work, but didn't feel like an overwhelming task. It is done with the Strippy Star Ruler and Log Cabin Trim Tool both from Creative Grids.
Place mats are a great added table decor especially during the holiday season and they are quick to sew. 
Esther is planning on making herself a jelly roll rug from Winter Village by Basic Grey. This is another fairly quick project that is a great touch to the winter decor in your home. 
Fun wall hangings are always popular, in fact the only time I have quilt projects on the wall is during Christmas. I have a lovely snow man wall hanging that I received as a gift a few years ago, and a wall that is the perfect size to hang it on. 
There are several different tree skirt patterns available, and they make the bottom of your tree look so nice whether or not there are presents. 
Advent calendars seem to be on the rise again, and we even have one or two panels that make up Advent Calendars. I have also seen a wide variety of patterns for making your own. 
What is your favorite thing to sew for your home and do you make it new every year?
This week is Shop Hop, we will be open 10am-8pm on Thursday, 10am-5pm on Friday and 10am-4pm on Saturday. We are excited to see all of you, it is amazing how many quilters there in the area, and having everyone get together for this event is so fun. 
 Also I will miss out on seeing many of you because I will be away. As a result of me being gone, there will be no blog this Friday either. 

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