Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Be My Neighbor: Block 15

We are on the second to last block this week. Which means we are almost finished this quilt along. I am hoping to work ahead and get my top finished this week for a couple reasons. number one my oldest two are home from school this week, and they play really nice downstairs while I am sewing (or they give me a hand sewing, Chandler loves separating my chain stitched pieces), the second reason is that the next few weeks are looking really busy for myself, with a guild presentation, clearance sale, Bag Retreat and a couple classes as well as regular mom duties like dentist appointments, being mother helper in Tucker's Kindergarten Class and vaccinations for my littlest guy. The final reason being that I got a new Sewing Machine and really want to start playing with it, but I don't like sewing a project on different machines, I like to do a complete project on one machine when I can.
SBlock 15 is another pinwheel block and it has a tree with it as well. I love doing these pinwheels, and I love it even more when my points are nice and crisp. Trimming, being careful to not stretch the fabric while pressing and accurate 1/4" seams are all essential to nice points.
The roof part is a little different in this block, with it having two levels, you first make the lower section by doing the stitch and flip, add the larger roof rectangle to the top and than stitch and flip with the large squares, these squares will are supposed to be smaller than the roof section, so don't be too shocked when you lay them on top and they don't cover the whole side, just line them up with the top and side edges. 
When you get to the final trimming step you will notice that the finished block size in the pattern says 15"x18" this however is incorrect and it is actually supposed to be 21"x18" finished.
Friday I will have pictures and a recap of the Aurifil Presentations that are being done in our store this week. 
As Monday is Thanksgiving Day (already!) we will be closed on the 8th to spend time with family.

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