Friday, January 18, 2019

Local Quilt Shop Day

Shopping local is more important now than ever before. With online shopping getting easier all the time, it is harder for small independent businesses to stay alive.
So with the ease of being able to shop online from the comfort of your couch and get it delivered to you, why would you want to do anything else.
Here are some of the reasons why I shop local and encourage others to do the same.
1) Money spent local stays local. The owners of small businesses are local, and its nice to know the face behind the business, who is another member of the same town I am living in. I know that my dollars are going towards groceries for their family or a soccer program for their kids, not padding the pockets of some big CEO in some other city or country.
2)Advice. Honestly I would not get the same advice from an online shops pop up chat that I would by personally going into the store and asking the same questions. Those that work in a small business, even compared to a big box store generally know their stuff a lot better or can put you into contact with someone who knows better quite quickly, their business is their passion and they are always trying to learn more about it.
3) Personalized Customer Service. This one ties a little into number 2 but is different enough that it gets to be its own reason. I feel more welcome, and get better service at a small town shop than I do anywhere else. If something goes wrong with a product, or I need support, I know that I will get it at my local stores. I am treated like family at these small stores.
4)  Local businesses donate back to their communities. Sure big companies give back to communities too, but local businesses are generally more involved in community programs to make our towns a better place to live and they are working with local charities to truly make a difference.
5) Prices. It may seem like the best deal is always online or at a big chain store, but often small shops are very competitive with their pricing. Also at a local shop you may be able to get whatever it is you are looking for a great price and get some customization done as well. When shopping online their is always shipping to consider, as well as the dollar exchange, as it seems most things come for the States, and now there are more and more items that are getting duty charges placed on them, all these have to be tacked on to what may have seemed like a good price.
6) Local Economy. Small business owners shop from other small businesses creating a ripple effect of support.

With all that being said, next week Saturday, January 26, is Local Quilt Shop Day! As a quilt shop we love that there is a day dedicated to this. We want to celebrate this day with you and thank you for your continued support of our Shop, so next week Saturday our store will be 20% off, it will be in store only, so you will need to come out and visit us sometime from 10am-4pm. We will also have some treats available to make the day even sweeter.


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