Friday, January 11, 2019

New Fabric

There have been a lot of boxes delivered since the start of the New Year. And I must say they have been opened to reveal some gorgeous new fabrics.
We have 5 new collections from Art Gallery, a new Moda line, one from RJR, another from Studio E, and a collection from Benartex as well. Some of these companies are not super well know names, but we have carried there fabrics in our shop for quite some time now.
From Art Gallery we have Sun Kissed designed by Maureen Cracknell, this collection brings back all the perfect summer memories. The bright blue pool water, tiled pool decks, blooming flowers, and the perfect floral sundress.

Pat Bravo has designed 40 fabric lines in the past 14 years, and her latest brings all her favorites and best sellers into one gorgeous collections that is Legendary. The bold fuschia pink, emerald green and mustard yellow mix beautifully together, in large and small print florals and various geometric designs. 
Aura was designed by Matthew Bordeaux after his recent trip to Hawaii with his daughter. Everything from the colors to the prints bring you away on an Island adventure. I personally have fallen in love with the turtle print on the purple background. It is so perfect.

Art Gallery will often take prints from their various designers and combine them together into mini themed collections. Silk Road and Art District are two of these Fusion Collections.

Silk Road is a collection centered around the ancient asian arts of brushwork, ink and fiberworks. The prints as well the red, black and white coloring make this an elegant fusion.
Art District is just what it sounds like, a collection themed around every cities bright and colorful Art District with the occasional cat and ice cream cone thrown into the mix.

Gingiber has developed a new line for Moda. This one is called Farm Fresh. It has panels of farm animals, and a variety of prints in red, teal, white, grey and black. We also have 3 different patterns available for this fabric and they are all really fun. Esther is hoping to refresh her kitchen for spring with this line.

From RJR we have a new line called Retro Road Trip by Sue Marsh. This collection looks pretty much exactly as how I pictured it when I heard the name. The retro camping trailers, the fun Diner Road signs and the colors all work together to create this fun line! I am contemplating making new valences for my kitchen windows with the Diner Signs Print.
Into the Woods is a new collection from Studio E. It is a new take on the popular Wood Land Theme, combining bright colors with modern black and white prints. The panel in this line is very cool, and needs only a border or two to make a nice quilt.
From Benartex we have a line called My Happy Place, and brings together our favourite items from our sewing rooms. Prints with sewing machines, buttons and words of wisdom in pinks blues, yellow and greens bring a smile to your face.
As a bonus I have one more collection to share, this one is called Whisper, and features gold, black and white prints that are all quite soft.
As always there are even more new collections in store and on their way.
Carrie and Taylor spent the majority of their Christmas Break from school changing up the location of almost every single bolt of fabric in our shop, so make sure you come in to see all the changes that have happened as well.
I wish you a great weekend, we are going to spend ours trying to get rid of the Flu Bug that is slowly making its way through each member of our house,

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