Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Gypsy Wife: Section 6, Part 2

This week we will be working on the second half of Section 6. We need to make a total of 12 blocks and they are all fillers. We have made all of these blocks before so there is nothing new there we just needed to make a lot of blocks for this section and so I split it into two parts.

The full section is pictured on page 28.
Pg 22: Square in a Square Blocks- 3" Finished- make 8 (use 1 for block below)
Pg 22: Square in a Square Blocks- 4" Finished- make 3
Pg 23: Bordered Square in a Square Blocks - 5" Finished- make 1 (use block from above for the center)
Pg 24: Square in a Square with Courthouse Steps- 5.5" Finished- make 1

We will make 8 of the square in a square blocks that finish at 3", 7 of them we will set aside to be sewn into our quilt top and 1 we will be adding a border to so that is is just a little larger.
I did use my Folded Corner Clipper from Creative Grids for these blocks to eliminate the drawing of lines on each square.
I also chain pieced all these blocks to make it go a little quicker.

 Believe it or not after this Section is complete we only to make 25 more blocks and assemble the top!
Our schedule for the remaining sections is as follows
Section 7 will be posted on April 16
Section 8: April 30
Section 9: May 14
Section 10: May 28
In June we will cut and sew strips and assemble each section and complete the quilt!

I haven't yet laid out all my blocks together, I have only taken Section pictures and than put each in its bag waiting for final assembly, but I am eager to see all the blocks together. Is anyone else getting excited to see all the blocks come together into a final project?


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