Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Gypsy Wife: Section 8

We have reached Section 8 of our Quilt Along! This week we only have four blocks, so if you have fallen behind at all these next two weeks would be a great time to start catching up again.
This week we have tow focus blocks and two filler blocks, and you can see the whole section on page 30.

Focus Blocks
Pg 8: From The Heart -- make 1
Pg 11: Star Block -- make 1

Filler Blocks
Pg 22: Square in a Square -- 3" finished -- make 1
Pg 24: Square in a Square with Courthouse Steps -- 10.5" finished -- make 1

From the Heart, I love this block and have been looking forward to making it since I started my quilt. It is such a fun take on a heart block. I kept mine simple with two colors, just pink and white.
I did not cut my squares for the Hourglass sections on the diagonal twice as suggested but just once. (I did cut the squares the size listed in the pattern) I than sewed at a 1/4" like making a half square triangle, pressed the seam, and put the two resulting HST's right sides together with opposite colors together, cut on the diagonal across my previous seams and stitched again. This is how I do all my hourglass blocks, I find it easier than working with the small quarter triangles that I always manage to sew together wrong.
Other than that I followed the instructions for this block and it went together really nicely.

Star Block, I did the same thing in this block for the hourglass components as I did in the previous block, and the block went together pretty quickly.

Square in a Square, nothing new with this block, but there is only a few more to make so you can look forward to that.

Square in a Square with Courthouse Steps, this is the largest block in the quilt if I am not mistaken, and it is a square, some borders, corners and another round of borders. It is quick to cut and piece.
I pieced mine while putting together the other blocks, so that I could chain piece the blocks and not cut my thread every time I finished a single seam.

And now we only have two sections left to complete and than we can get to work cutting our strips and assembling our quilt top.

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