Friday, July 26, 2019

First Quilts

The trend on Social Media this week seems to be first quilts, a lot of people are sharing the first quilts they ever made, the story behind them and why the began quilting. I thought I would do the same tonight.
To be honest I can't actually remember which quilt I made first, so I will share the first few.
I began quilting with my mom 7 years ago, I was a bored new mom and I needed a hobby to keep me busy. My mom let me shop her stash and borrow her tools and after the first couple of projects I was hooked.
I made this black and white quilt for myself, Esther made one at the same time using the same fabrics and same pattern, and I was astonished at how the two looked so different.

I also made a bright quilt for my sons playroom. The playroom had a Busytown Mystery Theme, and my mom was able to find some fabric with the same theme.

I made a beach blanket using towels that I cut up and pieced together, and added some sand pails, flip flops and beachballs as applique.

All three of these blankets have been well used and loved over the years. There are seams that are starting to fray and they are faded due to the vast number of times that I have thrown them in the washing machine and dryer, but it makes my heart happy when I see that my hobby can provide a sense of comfort and warmth to everyone in my family.

When did you make your first quilt?


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