Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Creative Grids: Folded Corner Clipper

About a month ago I posted the first in a series of Creative Grids Rulers. The first was all about the Stripology Ruler and you can read about it here if you missed it. Tonight I want to share another of my favorites with you, the Folded Corner Clipper. 
This ruler was designed by Susan Nelson for Creative Grids, like all the others by this company it is has the no slip grips on the back, easy to see markings, and made from material that is easy to see through. 
The Folded Corner Clipper eliminates the need to draw pencil lines for all those stitch and flip blocks.
The ruler has markings on it that align with your square, there is also a diagonal line that will run from corner to corner on your square, 1/4" away from this line is the edge of the ruler.
You simply place the top square on your fabrics right sides together line up the edges of the square with the ruler, ensure the diagonal runs through the corners and trim. Than you take the set to your machine and sew and than press as per usual. No more drawing lines, sewing on the line, than trimming and pressing. Just trim, sew, press. I love being able to skip the pencil lines step, and the ruler makes for a really nice accurate stitch and flip block. You can stack several layers together and trim 3 sets at once to speed up things a little more.
I have used the ruler so many times already, and I originally thought it would be rather pointless, I was already not drawing lines, I just used a regular ruler to trim, but this ruler has three points to line up so it extremely accurate. 
It works great for any time you are supposed to draw lines, flying geese, half square triangles, snowball blocks, you name it. 
And because the angle is 45 degrees you can use it to cut your binding and mitered corners, and trim half square triangles before pressing. 
There is a video here if you would like to see it in action.
Have you tried the ruler yet, or does it interest you?
Also be sure to come check out the shop again soon, Carrie, Taylor and I spent the day moving furniture and fabrics and it looks fresh and bright again. 

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