Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Follow Your Heart: Springfield

Hey everyone, how is your week going? We have been dealing with the flu and renos in our house for the last little while. Our flu session started at the beginning of the month and is slowly making its way through each of us one by one. The renos began last week as we remove a wall on our main floor to make it a more open and family friendly place to be, the reno is going quickly and smoothly so far, now if only the flu would hurry up and exit.
This week for our Follow Your Heart Quilt we are working on the block called Springfield, which is on pages 14 and 15 of your book.
 This block came together quite quick for me, even though I did have to start over halfway through step D because I cut my little squares an inch to big, leaving me with some very skinny arrows, whoops!
The pressing is quite important in this block. If you press how the instructions tell you to, the block will go together with nice nesting seams, if not you will have some bulk on each of those points, which can cause your fabric to slip or bunch and leave you with not so nice points.
Don't forget to add the border strips as mentioned on page 15, adding these now will ensure your block is ready to go when we assemble the quilt. The borders are a little oversized so be sure to trim when you are finished adding them.

I chose to go with 5 different colors of fabrics for my block, and stuck with the same dark grey for my background.

Carrie also did hers in 5 colors, and chose to lay them out with an ombre effect from dark red to white. She also used an assortment of background fabrics.
Have fun making this weeks block!
As a heads up, for the next block you will need a 60 degree triangle ruler.

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