Thursday, February 4, 2021

Garden Sampler: Month 2 - Fennel Block

 It is time to pull out your block of the month kits again. I used to really dislike Block of the Month projects. I usually like projects where I can get it all done, it doesn't take too much time, I can sit down and see the whole project finished fairly quick. 

As I've been working on my last two block of the months I've learned to really like them. It is fun to pull out a totally different project once a month, have some continuation through the year, and slowly watch the blocks grow into something amazing and unique. And it is nice to just make one block which may challenge your skills, and only have to do one block so it is not so daunting. Have you ever participated in a Block of the Month program? What did you think? If you haven't and are interested look into the ones we have running through our shop here

This month for the Garden Sampler we are making the Fennel Block.

As I read through the pattern for this block, I noticed I needed to make 4 flying geese that were all the same, for this I immediately reached for my Creative Grids Ultimate Flying Geese Trim Tool and saw that the size I needed to make was included in my ruler. I made the necessary adjustments to my cutting, which is why the pile with the B Alphabettie looks funny with the 2 different sized squares. 

I then used the heart method to make my 4 flying geese. This method is really fast, and really fun. It is a quick, easy way to make 4 perfect flying geese. By using this method I know they will come out to the right size, and that I will have 1/4in seam, so I will not lose the point on my geese. 

For the petals I again used my Folded Corner Clipper for the stitch and flip blocks. you guys are gonna start to realize that I grab this ruler for just about everything. 

After this the assembly is fairly simple, it is all just strips and squares once the components are made.
I love how this block turned out. I am so happy with the yellow background that I chose, it is so happy and cheerful.  
Fennel Block

Are you sewing along? How is it going? 

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