Monday, June 14, 2021

The Bonnie and Camille Quilt Bee: Month 5

 Welcome to another month of the Bonnie and Camille Quilt Bee! Thank you everyone for sharing your blocks with me so far. They all look great. 

This month we have to make 3 different blocks. Double Star on Page 98, Dream on page 100 and Eight Point Star on page 102. 

Double Star Block. For this block I used my Diagonal Seam Tape to sew rather than drawing lines on the Fabric B and D squares. The pattern also suggests pressing everything open, but I decided to press the pieces on the Left Point one direction and the pieces on the Right Point I pressed in the alternate direction. This way all the seams nested nicely and I got nice points on both stars. 

When sewing the rows together I pressed the seams to Fabric A. 

Dream Block. This one was fun to make. I didn't do anything different from the pattern for this block. Because this block was made with so many different prints, I decided to use up some of the strips that I had cut off my Fat Quarters for previous blocks. I chain pieced my blocks to make it go a little quicker, so rather than make one at a time I did all four. I just stacked up all the same size pieces and laid them out as they should be in the block. 

You want to be sure that you don't pull the end of your seams one way or another on this block, but keep it at a nice 1/4" all the way through, and than give it a nice press. Don't move your iron around too much as you don't want those strips to stretch. 

Eight Point Star Block. This one is fairly quick to make, and we actually need to make 3 of them in total. I chose to use my Ultimate Flying Geese Ruler to make the points, so I followed the cutting instructions on the Ruler rather than the pattern. Once the geese were made I followed the pattern for the rest of the block. 

Have fun making your blocks, and please send me photos of them!


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