Thursday, July 8, 2021

Garden Sampler BOM: Month 7

 It is the beginning of another month! This year has been going by way to fast, and June seemed to slip away from me. 

I quickly sewed up my block for this month this morning, remembering I had to blog about it this afternoon. It was a good thing this block was not too difficult of time consuming. It is just a few flip and stitches, with the partial seam around the center square again.

I really like to chain piece, so I chain pieced all my flip and stitch corners, and just used my diagonal seam tape to make sure i was sewing straight through the middle. By chain piecing I could almost sew all the flip and stitches without trimming and ironing except for one unit, where the flip and stitches intersect to create a point in the block. 

Chain Piecing, following the diagonal seam tape

Both flip and stitches sewn before trimming and pressing

This one I had to trim and press before attaching the second flip and stitch, since the squares are meant to overlap to make a point in the block.
All the trimmings from my flip and stitches

The components

To put the square in the center we need to do a partial seam, to do this I drew a 1/4" line on all sides of the back of my square, so that I would know where to stop stitching. 

Then we just have to keep putting our 4 petal units around the center square until we complete our block as shown below. 

And that is our block for this month. It was good for me to make this block this month, as I haven't done much sewing since I've been enjoying the weather out on the lake.
Do you have a problem getting into your sewing room with weather like we've been having? 

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