Tuesday, November 6, 2018

My Next Projects

For the past few weeks I have been in a bag craze. I haven't pieced a quilt in quite awhile, but now that I have completed 4 bags I think my bag fix is over and I am ready to get back to quilting. I have several projects planned out and am anxious to get started on them. 
I have been following along with the weekly Moda Blockheads Blocks and have been for the most part been keeping up. I am using Palm Canyon by Violet Craft for my blocks and have thrown in about 15 solids to compliment it. I am loving how my blocks are turning out, and it has been a lot of fun to make a new block each week, as well as seeing the way others put theirs together. To make it even better the Moda shared a picture of my blocks on their blog!
Clover Hill from Sherri and Chelsi arrived a few weeks ago, and I made up some kits on Friday using the fabric and a pattern by Sherri called Balboa. The pattern involves some curved piecing, but you could totally cheat and applique the circle elements on top of the background fabric if you wanted. 
I seen a really cute mini the other day on the Moda Bakeshop using a mini charm pack. It is called Christmas Baubles. It too is on my cutting table awaiting construction. I also put kits together and they are available in store. 
I seen this fun Quilt by Hoffman a month or two ago and sent a picture to Esther. A couple weeks later when I arrived at the store Esther handed me a package and inside was the kit, plus 11 more. I quickly got to work, and finished the top in 3 hours. All the pieces were already cut and fused, I just had to put them in position and iron them down so they stay in place. I hope to get it quilted tomorrow afternoon while my little one naps. It finishes up at 42" wide and 25" tall, a perfect wall hanging size. We only have 11 available for sale so if you love this one like I do, you better get your name on one quick.
I need to finish quilting my Art Gallery Be My Neighbor Quilt and put the binding on that one too.
I also need to make my quilt for the Food Hampers. If you get our emails, I sent one out about two weeks ago mentioning that we were collecting donations during the month of November to put together Food Hampers for the Coaldale Food Bank, each hamper we put together Chicken Feed Quilts will donate a quilt that a staff member has sewn. 
Hopefully I can finish the majority of these projects before I leave for my holiday at the end of the month, because in December I need to focus on getting everything ready for next year's Quilt Alongs. Thank you everyone for your feedback and votes on your favorite. I will leave the poll open until the end of the day on Friday, so if you have not yet voted you can do so here. To read about each one click here, and to see pictures of each one check out our Facebook Page.
What are you working on right now? Share a picture I would love to see, and I'm sure others will as well.
PS watch for some Flash Sales this week!

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