Friday, November 16, 2018

Fabric Friday

Since our events of September and October have come to an end, we have had some time to open boxes, rearrange the store, and get new products priced and into the store. There are many new fabric lines that have gotten priced and are in the store now, as well as many that are just about ready to get put into the store and will be on display in the next week or so.
Monarch Grove, by Sara Berrenson, is a bright and cheery collection. This line has some great florals, as well as some butterfly prints. There are 12 prints to choose from, and I think it would make a great table runner and valance for my mom’s kitchen and dining room come spring. I have also been drawn to this line for a tote bag that I have been wanting to make.
One of our favorite bag pattern designers, Noodlehead, got together with Robert Kaufman and put out a line of Essex and Essex Yarn Dyed, called Forage, which is great for bags. There are 20 hand drawn designs in this collection. The collection is inspired by where the designer lives, western Wisconsin along the Mississippi river. Kayla has already made a bag and a pouch from this line, and if you come into the store asking me to help you pick for a bag, I will very quickly go to this line.
The staff at Chicken Feed Quilts just loves to work with Art Gallery Fabrics. We have gotten two knew collections in that we are very excited about. The first collection is Autumn Vibes, by Maureen Cracknell. Esther has made a few gorgeous wallets from this collection. Both a Penny Inn and a Necessary clutch. Laura made a beautiful backpack at the Bag Workshop in October. Autumn Vibes has 20 prints. The florals are very bright and vibrant and the squirrel print is just adorable. Esther plans on making The Broken Herringbone Quilt by Violet Craft from this collection, and there are already kits available for this quilt in store. If you want some of this collection you better come quick, as some of the bolts are already running very low.
The other Art Gallery collection that we got in is called Little Clementine. While being down in Orlando, Esther has almost completed the top for the sample of this line. She chose a fairly simple pattern that whips up really quick, but showcases the fabrics very well. She actually texted me today to ask me to send the last piece she needed for it with Kayla when she goes down.
I have a Gabby Bag cut out of this line, which I just cannot wait to put together and start using. I have taken one of the main florals for the body, the blue cross stitch as my accent and strap, and the light blue floral as my lining. I plan on using antique brass hardware.
Another sample that Esther is hoping to complete while being down in Florida is the sample that she is doing from a new line, Shiny Objects Sweet Something. This line by Flaurie and Finch has been descried to be 40 all-new pieces of sparkling eye candy. Esther is making the pattern called Prism Parkway. She is using all of the prints from the line, with an Essex linen that has a little bit of a shimmer to it as the background.
Oxford by Sweetwater fabrics is a wonderful line of wovens and prints. The pattern that Sweetwater designed to go along with this collection is amazing and as soon as the collection came in the kits were made. The pattern is called Oxford Lane and just an adorable quilt that reminds me of a little village. There are a variety of different house blocks in the quilt, as well as some flower blocks.
Lynne Hagmeier from Kansas Troubles Quilters newest collection Nature’s Glory has also come in. This line has the traditional Kansas Troubles colors of tan, orange, red, blue and brown. This line, while looking great on its own, would also blend well with any of her other lines. The Kansas Troubles collections are great for doing scrap quilts or mystery quilts because all of the collections will blend together and come out looking amazing.
Since I am not really a winter person, and love spring and summer, I actually squealed when I opened the box that held the newest collection from 1Canoe2, Twilight. This beautiful collection made me long for spring, when the flowers begin to bloom, and winter hasn’t even begun yet. While looking for a sample idea for this line, I came across the 1Canoe2 website, and actually downloaded the iPhone wallpaper that they designed to go along with this collection because it is so bright and cheery.
There are a few other new collections that came in, but since I am trying to write this before I have to leave to go babysit I do not have time to mention them. I guess you will just have to come into the store to check them out.
Before I leave to babysit, I just wanted to quickly share with you the new Luxe Cuddles from Shannon fabrics that we got in. We got in new colors of the Chenille cuddle, new Marble cuddles, and also a few new colors of the 90” wide cuddle. We also got in some all new types of cuddle. We got Luna cuddle, Heather cuddle, and Galaxy cuddle in. These types of cuddle are super soft and making your quilts super soft, warm and cuddly. With what the weather is like outside, and it being only the beginning of winter, I am going to need to make a quilt with one of these new cuddles on the back to have for cuddling under while sitting on the couch by the fire and watching Christmas movies with my family, or reading my book.
Just a reminder that there will be no blog posts now until Tuesday, December 4th as Kayla and her family will be going down to Orlando to waterski and vacation with our parents.


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