Friday, November 9, 2018

Zen Chic

Our Zen Chic event is happening in just under a month. So I thought tonight I would give a little background information on the designer. 
Brigitte Heitland is the face behind Zen Chic. She is a designer for Moda and has been producing Fabric lines and Patterns since 2010. Brigitte lives in Germany with her family, she is married and has three children. Brigitte grew up sewing clothes, and went to school initially for interior design but ended up switching over to textile design. 
After discovering a book on Quilting she was hooked, and soon started her own online shop, and a long arm business. It wasn't long before she produced her first collection.
Her fabric lines are modern and sophisticated, with enough color to draw the eye in but simple enough to keep them there. Her patterns are simple and tend to have a lot of negative space, she likes to capture your attention but give somewhere for the eyes to focus, or give them a clear line to follow. 
White Christmas has been in our shop for a few months now and has been very popular, and the patterns that came with it as well. We sold out of the Tree Kit twice, and the mega star pattern has been reordered several times. 
Her latest line to be released is called Spotted. We received it in our store last week, with a load of other boxes, and Carrie is working as fast as she can with one arm to get it out into the shop for you. 
The trunk show is set for December 3-8 in our store. It is an open house type of event, we will have the quilts on display in our store all week, along with some in store specials focused around Zen Chic. The show is being done in partnership with Trend Tex Fabrics who are the Canadian Distributor for Moda, and it is being done in shops across the country. 
Tuesday, December 4 will be our Game Night. We have three time slots available, 5pm, 7pm and 9pm and there is still room in each one for you to attend. We will be doing some trivia, a hide and seek inspired game and have snacks and drinks as well. The fee to hold your seat is $10 but this will be returned to you as Chicken Feed Quilt cash when you attend the event (if you do not show up your money will not be returned to you.)
There is also a little contest going on just prior to the event. Any quilt, wall hanging, table topper or bag that is made using at least 75% Zen Chic fabric is eligible to be entered. We have a couple Representatives of Trend Tex willing to judge the entries, don't worry they are not quilters they just sell fabric, so they won't judge too harshly :)
I also got into contact with Brigitte and she has agreed to choose her favorite project as well via email.
The winner will be announced at the end of the show and will also receive a Gift Basket inspired by Zen Chic. 
All the projects need to be brought in store by November 30 for judging, I made the date on this a week later than I had originally published, as I will be on holidays that week and will not be sending photos off for judging while spending time in Florida with my family. 
We would love to see lots of projects be entered into the contest, you have a few weeks left to finish them off and bring them in store.
Now as you seen on Tuesday I have quite a few projects that need worked on so I better go and take care of some of those now. 
Tomorrow I will be spending my time at the hockey rink, watching my Husband play in a tournament.
The shop will be closed on Monday in honor of the soldiers who lost their lives and the veterans that have sacrificed so much to keep our country free.


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