Monday, April 20, 2020

Blog Takeover: Esther

Hello, Kayla has the night off from writing the blog, well almost off, she needs to edit all my mistakes.

What have you been doing during Covid-19 and all the
social distancing rules?  I understand the need for the social distancing but am really being to dislike the question ‘is that proper social distancing’.

I know many of you have been busy sewing masks for yourselves, family, friends, medical professionals, others at your work, etc. I’m sure I missed lots. And others are busy with scrub bags and caps for medical professionals. Right now 1/2 the battle is finding elastic, interfacing or twill tape, I thought when this started we had a great selection of these items but many sold out very quickly.

That being said I did something a bit different.
Table toppers!
It started when I thought of a very sweet older couple who love visiting, getting out and that came to a very fast halt and they are ‘Stuck at home’. I decided to make them a  table topper to add some spring to their home. One table turned into 27, I had so much fun making all of these toppers and used many great patterns. I would love to make more but decided to get these delivered to doorsteps first.

This morning I stopped over at my local garden center  Coaldale Nurseries and found they had some beautiful bedding plants in bloom so I plan on adding a plant to every topper I deliver.

What are your pans for this week? It looks like spring has arrived and I wrote this from the comfort of my I love warm weather and sunshine
Esther veurink

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