Thursday, April 23, 2020

Half Square Triangles: Block Layouts

Happy Thursday! This week has finally felt like spring for several days in a row rather than just a single day, and I am loving it. My boys have been outside for the majority of the week, and we even had a couple fires in the evenings. 
At the shop it has been really busy. We spend the morning packaging up orders that came through overnight and answering phone calls. The afternoon is spent putting orders outside, packaging more orders and tidying up. Carrie has been going to post office every day to ship out orders too. So thank you everyone for your continued support. 
Esther and I plan to do groceries tomorrow morning for the Food Bank from the Giving Back promotion, we had a lot of orders come through so thank you again!
Today on our Facebook Live Esther showed off some different Block Layouts using 16 half square triangles in each block. It really is unbelievable how many different ways you can arrange the units. 
A lot of the blocks she made today are from Sherri at A Quilting Life who did a Mystery Block of The Month in 2019. Here is a link if you would like to download all those patterns (2019 Mystery BOM A Quilting Life). 
If you send an email to she can also provide you with another layout sheet of blocks. 

A great tip to ensure that you all the units facing the correct direction is to take a step back and look at it, or to take a photo on your phone and look at it that way. 
Esther also mentioned sashing in the video. Since her blocks are measuring 16.5" unfinished she cut her sashing strips at 2.5"x16.5", and put one strip between each block. She will also make sashing rows to go between each row of blocks, in these rows she will use 5 sashing strips each measuring 2.5"x16.5" and put a cornerstone (2.5" square) between each strip. These cornerstones will help greatly when sewing the rows together as they give you the ability to nest seams, which will help all your blocks line up nicely in your quilt when it is finished. 

Have fun making your blocks and tag us in your photos so we can see them too. 

Esther hopes to have her quilt top finished for next weeks video!
Have a great weekend everyone!

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