Thursday, April 30, 2020

Half Square Triangles: Finishing plus the Next Series

Happy Thursday.
We did the final video of our Half Square Triangles today on Facebook Live and Esther was able to show off her finished quilt. In the last week she put together all the remaining blocks, assembled the top, quilted it and bound it by hand!
In my opinion the resulting quilt is beautiful, and it is going to look great in her bedroom.
In the video today, Esther pointed out her borders, which she made with extra Half Square Triangle Units randomly sewn into length of the borders, to create a unique and very fun border.
Just as a little note, she made 20 blocks, and used 2" sashing and corner stones. Her outer border is 4.5" squares.
She bound her quilt in a bias stripe and it turned out so pretty.
Esther also introduced the next series that she will be doing. We will be working with the Log Cabin Rulers from Creative Grids for the next series.
 It will start next week Thursday, May 7, and we will once again do the videos on Facebook Live at 1pm. We love the interaction in these videos and hope that you will continue to ask questions and comment on them.
For the Log Cabin Blocks it is really hard to give fabric requirements as it really depends on the size of block and quilt that you will be making. But for an idea, for the 8" Log Cabin Block you can make one block with 1 -- 2"x40" strip of a light fabric and 1-- 2"x40" strip of a dark fabric. Obviously you will probably want more than just two fabrics per block but that should give you a rough idea. So if you want to make a quilt that measures 56"x64" that would be an 56 blocks total, so you would need 56 strips of light and 56 strips of dark plus your center squares which are cut at 2.5".
Esther has one quilt with lights and darks on the go as well as one that has no set dark and light sections but it just colorful and fun. So do whatever suits you.
You will also need the ruler in the size you prefer. It is available in a 4", 6" and 8" finished size and there is also one that does both the 6" and 12". The 6" and 8" have been the most popular size, although I love using my 4" to make minis.
You can purchase the rulers here.
Have a great weekend. I will be spending mine celebrating my baby's 2nd Birthday! Honestly I cannot believe he is going to 2 tomorrow. He is such a fun little dude, and keeps all of us in stitches with his antics. He is quite good at getting anyone to do his bidding, and though he gets into a lot of trouble his smile is too cute for anyone to be upset with him.

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