Thursday, August 27, 2020

Project Jelly Roll 2020

The third Saturday in September every year is National Sew a Jelly Roll Day. This year it takes place September 19. This project started four years ago, and was created by Moda to encourage people to unwrap and unroll those sweet little rolls and actually sew something. There is contests for the shops to create the best store displays using Moda Jelly Rolls, quilts and jelly roll patterns, ( we got first place in the contest two years ago :) )
This year Moda has released 6 limited edition Grunge Jr Jelly Rolls for Project Jelly Roll 2020 and we have all 6 in the shop. Moda also released 4 exclusive patterns to shops. From September 10-19 when you buy a Moda Jelly Roll in our shop you will have the option to choose one of these patterns to take home for free as well. 
In the past we have had Jelly Roll Races in the shop and we have opened up the classroom to work on your own Jelly Roll Project. This year we encourage you to unroll a Jelly Roll on Saturday September 19, and share pictures with us on Social Media of your progress for a chance to win a prize. 
Do you like working with Jelly Rolls? 
I love how cute they look stacked up on my shelf, but I also love the projects that can come from using one too! 
I think this year I may have to make a Jelly Roll Rug for the new sewing studio that I get later this winter, or maybe I should finish last years project ;)
In a couple weeks I will share some of our favorite Jelly Roll Books, Patterns and which Jelly Rolls are our new favorites. 

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