Monday, August 31, 2020

Woodland Wonderland: Month 3

 We are on Chapter 3 of our Woodland Wonderland Block Of The Month. This month we are adding 4 new fabrics to the mix and will be making several blocks, including Olivander the Owl which is one of my favorite blocks in the whole quilt.


It all starts on page 16 of our pattern booklet. In addition tho the four new prints you received in your package you will need to add 1 red, 1 ivory, and 4 green prints from previous months. In the end I decided to only use the new ivory print in this chapter rather than adding a 2nd one. Also from the 2nd Taupe print I found that I needed 2 -- 1" strips rather than the 1 that they instructed, and I did not use the 1 1/2" strip from green print 1 in my blocks, and couldn't find it mentioned in the instructions at all. 

Olivander the Owl

There are a lot of pieces in this block and in the cutting instructions they are labelled a-o. I used my alphabitties to keep them all straight while cutting and assembling the block. There is no piece labelled L, but you could cut the eye template and call this L if you really wanted. 

Speaking of the eye template, the base of a large spool of Aurifil Thread is the same size (or very close too) the eye template pictured in the book. So I traced around my spool onto a piece of steam a seam 2 times, than cut out the shape leaving a 1/4" seam allowance and pressed it onto a piece of my black background fabric. I used a blanket stitch to applique the eye in place. 

Holly Leaves

These four blocks are quick and easy to assemble, and I used the Diagonal Seam Tape by Cluck Cluck Sew to make it go even quicker.


Snow Tree Block

I will admit I had some issues with this block, I just could not make it work with cutting all the rectangles in half as directed, so I actually cut 4 of the piece D, and cut 2 in half from the top left to the bottom right and 2 in half from the top right to the bottom left. Cutting corner to corner, I got 4 of each triangle needed. Than it worked to lay it on the block as directed and sew it in place. To be honest I didn't actually draw the lines, I just found the center at the top and than used that to line up the triangles. 

Have fun making the blocks this month!


Carrie will be here on Thursday to share the next set of Blocks for the Midnight Clear BOM, and there will be no blog post next Monday, as we are closed for Labor Day. 

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