Thursday, November 19, 2020

2021 Aurifil Color Builders

Tonight I am introducing a new subscription program that will run in our shop in 2021. 

It is called the 2021 Aurifil Color Builders and is organized by Aurifil Thread and is available to you through Quilt Shops that carry Aurifil Thread. 

The program was built to highlight 40 wt thread which is very versatile. It is great for piecing and quilting, sewing garments and bags and is beautiful when used as a Topstitching thread. 

There are 12 mini collections that you will receive over the course of 1 year. Each mini collection will focus on a different color, and will include a warm, medium and a dark shade of the color.


Aurifil's goal is to increase their sustainability and have a positive environmental impact and so this year for the Color Builders Program, Aurifil has chosen to focus on Endangered Species. Every month for 12 months they will focus on one of the animals currently on the Endangered Species List and work with Earth League International to create change with awareness and fundraising. The color inspiration for each month will come from 1 of the 12 different animals. 

We have Early Bird pricing on right now for the 2021 Aurifil Color Builders Club. If you sign up before November 30 you will get the mini collection of thread each month for 1 year for $45 a month. 

If you miss the Early Bird sign up it will be $50 per month instead. 

The sign up fee is $5 and this will be returned to you as a credit on your first bill. 

Shipping is available and is $4 per month. 

A credit card will be kept on file and you will be charged each month on the 1st (the 2nd if the 1st is a Sunday or a Holiday)

You can sign up by clicking Here

This program is a great way to slowly build the colors of thread in your stash. 

Have a great weekend, Kayla

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