Thursday, November 5, 2020

Weather Watch Sales November 2020

 Esther left for Florida this week so we will not see her in the shop for quite some time. She is on vacation for several weeks and will most likely need to quarantine for a while before she can come back to the shop. 

As a family we often send weather pictures back and forth to each other, our parents by the pool or on the lake and us with snowdrifts. It has happened quite often that we have the same number on the thermometer here in Coaldale as they do in Florida, however over there it is positive and here it is negative. It has also happened that we end up being warmer than they are, we live in a crazy climate over here. 

So now to the point of that story, we decided to do a weather watch sale while Esther is in Florida.

We have made a Weather Watch Sale album on our Facebook Page and from now until November 24, I will post a picture of our forecasted high for the day, and Esther will post hers from down in Florida. If the numbers are the same, either both positive or opposite we will have a 24 hour sale to celebrate. 

We will give out out a coupon code that can be used instore or online for a discount off your purchase. The discount will depend on the temperature. 

I'll give a couple scenarios to explain:

November 9, Esther posts a picture and it is supposed to get to 22 degrees in Florida, I post a picture and it is supposed to be -22 here in Coaldale. Yay same number, I will post a code that is valid from noon on November 9 until noon on November 10 that will give you a 22% discount off your purchase. 

Or say it is a cool day in Florida only 17 degrees and it is warm here and it is plus 17 here as well, we would give out a code valid from noon of the current day till noon of the next for 17% off your purchase. 

Today our temperature is warm 17 degrees, however Florida is even warmer at 28 so there is no discount for the day. 


Small Print:

The code is only valid for 24 hours starting at noon and can only be used one time per customer. 

There will be no photos posted on Sundays or on Remembrance Day. 

The coupon code must be entered at check out online or mentioned at the till when shopping in store, it will not be applied automatically.

If you are not on Facebook you can always call the store to find out if there is a weather watch code for the day or not. 

Have fun watching the weather!

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